Monica Potter and Husband Daniel Christopher Allison Are Divorcing, Is it True? Know her Affairs

Marriage and divorce are a common thing and accepted everywhere. Recently, we all have heard the news of separation between Monica Potter and husband, Daniel Christopher. So, what do you think about this news? Are they really going to divorce?


Being together for more than a decade (since 2005), what came in between this romantic couple? Why are they ending their marital relationship? Stay on this page to know all the details regarding Monica Potter’s married life. Also, know about her past relationships.

Monica Potter and husband Daniel Christopher ending their marriage

Monica and spouse Daniel were in love for so many years. But, what happened to them? Have they had enough of each other’s love? Or, is there a secret; a darker reason?

[ CAPTION: Monica Potter with Daniel Christoper ]

According to People, Monica and Daniel are going to end their 12-year long relationship. Even none of them has ever revealed about the reason of their separation in the media. But, the document received by E! News revealed that the reason for their separation was “irreconcilable differences” as per Monica.

[ CAPTION: Monica Potter with Daniel Christoper and their daughter ][ SOURCE: shvpl ]

Till the date, the couple has not been divorced yet. The date of their separation has not been mentioned as it is yet to be decided. As for their child, the couple is going to co-parent their only daughter, Molly Brigid.

Monica Potter Previously Married?

If we go back to the year 1990, then Monica was married to then-husband, Tom Potter for the first time. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 1998 after being together for 8 years. The reason for their divorce is not disclosed as both of them has not ever revealed about it till the date.

[ CAPTION: Tom Potter, Former husband of Monica Potter ][ SOURCE: ICMI Speakers Bureau ]

Monica has two sons Daniel and Liam from her former husband. Both of her sons have already grown up and are in their 20s. Both of them are busy in making their own career.

Is Monica Potter carrying Daniel Christopher’s second child?

The news of Monica Potter’s pregnancy came out just after she posted a picture of her bare stomach with a caption “I have something to share” in January. The post created a big controversy in the social media as she was going through a tough divorce with husband Daniel.

[ CAPTION: Monica Potter's Instagram post ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Recently, after posting this picture her fans and followers quickly started to send her congratulations message. But, after a few hours, she announced that she was suffering from gastrointestinal problem since the last 2 years.

Youtube: Monica Reveals about her gastrointestinal problem;

In her YouTube video, she explains that she posted the photo to raise awareness of the intestinal illness. Moreover, she added that she wants to encourage people to get a colonoscopy.