Model turned entrepreneur Kathy Ireland talks about her home life with husband Greg Olsen and their children

Model turned entrepreneur (just like Erin Bria) Kathy Ireland has talked about how she manages her home life with her husband Greg Olsen and their children.

Kathy has been married to physician Greg Olsen since 1988, and they have three children; Erik, Mary and Chloe.

According to CBN, Kathy and her husband prioritize their children's faith in Jesus and make them follow religious norms and values. Kathy was inspired when she read the book of Mathew, and it led her towards the path of faith when she eventually recognized the power of prayer.

"By teaching them early in life about the Lord they will be better equipped to deal with the fears, anxieties, and challenges that will come their way. And, it's a lesson that likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives," shares Kathy.

Chloe CAPTION: Chloe is the daughter of Kathy Ireland and Greg Olsen SOURCE: Instagram @kathyireland

Moms are always busy fulfilling the needs of their husbands and kids. They prioritize family more than themselves. So was the case with Kathy. Without knowing, she happened to put on 25 lbs. But eventually, Kathy lost all that weight with the help of her trainer and nutritionist by cutting down her calories and exercising for a week thrice.

"I want to be healthy, to be there for my husband and my kids," she says.

Kathy has further revealed that family interactions have a crucial role in happy family life. "She encourages her spouse and children to communicate effectively, clearly and with love.", our sources said.

Kathy further reveals that making yourself a priority is not being selfish. Rather it is a gift to those whom you love. Your family will be benefitted from you if you're healthy. One of the ways Cathy reminds herself of her priorities is by writing JOY on a sheet of paper.

"After each letter, I fill in a word: Jesus, Others, You," she says.

Initially, Kathy Ireland was a model who later on transformed herself into an entrepreneur through her company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. She has graced the cover of many magazines as a model, including Sports Illustrated, in the 1980s. She is a committed business person whose brand includes daily household equipment and furniture sold worldwide.

Her ethics regarding work started when she took her first job, delivering newspapers at the age of 11.

Forbes Magazine recognized Ireland as one of the 20 most successful, self-made women in California and named her one of Forbes's Top 50 most successful women, as measured by their net worth.

Kathy says that one of the toughest lessons she has had to learn as a mom was that 'no' is a complete sentence. She says it is okay to say 'no' to a request when it does not align with your priorities.

Ireland has always inspired women to be self-dependant and confident. She states that women should be healthy, mentally and physically, for the goodness of their family life. She inspires women not to be hesitant and rediscover their dreams. 

Short Details On Greg Olsen

Ireland's husband, Olsen, is a fishing physician who leads a successful medical practice and a booming commercial fishing business. Olsen's tendency to buck means was evident when he was a teenager. In 2007, he bought a commercial license to fish for lobster.

Greg CAPTION: Greg Olsen and Kathy Ireland SOURCE: Instagram @kathyireland

Moreover, Olsen enjoyed fishing recreationally and thought going into business would permit him to spend more time on the boat.