Minnie Driver's Love Journey: Unveiling Her Husband and Boyfriend Roster

Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Driver has left an undying imprint on the entertainment world. She is known for many roles, including in movies like "Circle of Friends" and Good Will Hunting" and TV series such as "The Riches" and "Speechless."

Apart from her professional career, Driver's personal life has attracted attention. She is currently in a relationship with Addison O'Dea. Let's have a look at his relationship story.

In a Relationship with Addison O'Dea

Minnie Driver and Addison O'Dea started dating in 2019. Since then their love story seems unending. It became public knowledge on September 18, 2019, when they made a joint appearance at the Amazon Emmy Awards after-party held at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Minnie Minnie Driver and her boyfriend, Addison O'Dea SOURCE: Addison O'Dea Instagram @addisonodea

Since then, Minnie and Addison have been spotted together on public outings of all kinds. Fans have been warmed by and are supportive of the couple's decision to make their relationship public.

Driver and O'Dea's First Encounter

Minnie and Addison's love story has a rather unique start. She says on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that the two met at a friend's breakfast. Their connection deepened during what the actress humorously describes as a "sea-based incursion," where they playfully found themselves "shipwrecked." 

It was during this unexpected adventure, while waiting for the Coast Guard to arrive, that Minnie began talking at great length with Addison about life and love. She confidently asked him about things like adultery and the strange conduct of men.

Sharing her feelings of being "ruined" and thinking Minnie would never have another boyfriend, Addison responded with a surprising declaration that he didn't want a girlfriend, especially not her. This initial banter was the beginning of their close connection. They went from being friends to becoming lovers.

The First Date

Driver and O'Dea embarked on their first formal date, and it turned out to be a very glamorous affair. He, with his charm and wit, succeeded in creating an evening filled with laughter and joy. 

MinnieMinnie Driver and Addison O'Dea at their first formal date SOURCE: Minnie Driver Instagram @driverminnie

Minnie and Addison's connection was so strong that she couldn't help but burst into laughter to the point where she accidentally split a seam in her dress. Despite the wardrobe mishap, the incident only created a funny and endearing moment that the couple could look back on with fondness. 

Different Views on Marriage

Minnie and Addison have differing views on marriage, shedding light on their unique perspective on commitment. In a candid discussion on the How To Fair podcast, she shared that while she holds the desire to get married, her lover holds a different stance. 

According to Minnie, Addison's perspective is rooted in a reluctance to involve the state of California in their relationship, saying, "Why would I want to be in a throuple with the state of California?" His resistance is driven by a reluctance to institutionalize love. 

Driver, on the other hand, expressed that she doesn't necessarily expect a formal marriage but desires a celebration of the ritual. She envisions a party and a ring as symbols of their commitment. Their openness to understanding and respecting each other's views showcases the strength and flexibility of their relationship.

Failed Engagement with Josh Brolin

Minnie Driver and the "Avengers: Endgame," Josh Brolin were once a couple. They captured the attention of many when they officially got engaged in April 2001. Their engagement marked a period of excitement and anticipation for the future. 

JoshMinnie Driver's ex-fiancé, Josh Brolin SOURCE: Josh Brolin Instagram @joshbrolin

However, the course of their relationship took an unexpected turn. Just six months later, in October 2001, Minnie and Josh decided to part ways. Despite the relatively short duration of their engagement, the news of their separation surprised many who had hoped for a lasting connection between the two.

Driver and Brolin first crossed paths in 1998 on the set of the straight-to-video film "Slow Burn." The movie provided the backdrop for their initial meeting, and it was during the collaborative process of making the film that the seeds of their relationship were planted. 

What ended the Relationship with Thanos?

Minnie and Josh's breakup was accompanied by rumors and speculation regarding the reasons behind their separation. At the time, she attributed the end of their engagement to interference from his stepmother, the legendary Barbra Streisand, as mentioned in an article from The Standard

There were swirling rumors suggesting that Streisand had taken charge of planning the wedding. Some speculated that her involvement might have contributed to the strain in Driver and Brolin's relationship. However, the exact details of what transpired and how her involvement played a role in the breakup remained unclear. 

Famously Dated Matt Damon

After they appeared as on-screen lovers in the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting," Minnie Driver's relationship with Matt Damon took off. The chemistry that exploded between them while shooting the movie seemed to extend out into real life and beyond. But their love story took a nasty turn when they split up very publicly in January of 1998.

Minnie and Matt's relationship took an unexpected turn when the actor, casually and without prior notice, mentioned on a talk show that he was single, as reported in the US Magazine. This public declaration introduces an inevitable added complication to the end of their romance.

Driver has always said only warm, fond things about her and Damon's time together. She told in an interview with ET that when recounting their story of love, she stresses the sweetness of her romance with all its difficulties.

Minnie Driver's Dating History

Minnie Driver has experienced several dating relationships with people in the public eye. In 1996, she was involved with John Cusack, and in 1998, with Taylor Hawkins. In 2001, she had a brief fling with both Chris Isaak and Harrison Ford.

Moving on, Minnie had a romance with Criss Angel from 2005 to 2008, followed by Timothy J. Lea from 2007 to 2008. Then, in 2010, she began dating Matthew Felkner. They split up in 2013. This was followed in 2014 by her connection with Ryan Kavanaugh.

Besides these connections, Minnie had an encounter with David Schwimmer and Elliott Smith. Each chapter portrays a different stage in the actress' life, shedding light on how love is complicated and dynamic under the glare of public scrutiny.


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