Josh Brolin and what we know about his dating history.

May 10, 2016
First Published On: May 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Josh Brolin has had quite an exciting love life, and his lady loves have all been women of such impeccable taste! More than any other celebrity, Brolin’s romantic involvements have always ceased to stir up some great news in the media. How can we forget his 8 years of marriage with Diane Lane that ended in a rather tumultuous manner? But the past is in the past, both the actors have moved on and Josh Brolin is now happy with his new fiancé Kathryn Boyd for almost a year now.

Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd cuddle in Italy,       Source: DailyMail

Earlier to dating Josh Brolin, Kathryn worked as his assistant for nearly two years. They started dating from March 2014 and reportedly got engaged in May 2015, after a year of dating. But Kathryn isn’t the only woman to whom Brolin has popped the question, the No Country for Old Men star has been coupled twice, and his last marriage had a very messy ending to it.

But Josh very much in love this time! 


Brolin’s first wife was actress Alice Adair. They married in 1988 and had two children; Trevor Mansur and Eden. After four years of their marriage, the couple decided to go their separate ways. Following his separation from Alice Adair, Brolin was briefly engaged to actress Minnie Driver in 2001. He married actress Diane Lane on August 2004. On December 2004, Diane pressed a charge of domestic battery on Brolin but later withdrew it stating the incident as a misunderstanding. The couple filed for a divorce in February 2013 and made the separation official in November 2013.

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane in 2012.                   Source: DailyMail

Brolin’s marriage to Kathryn will be his third one but we have yet to see if their engagement ends up in a wedding or just an engagement like Brolin has done before!

Josh Brolin and his short-term fiancé Minnie Driver.     Source: Getty