74 Years Old American Actor Michael Douglas's Net Worth is High; Disclose his Salary, Earnings, Houses, Cars Collection, Yacht, Jet, and More!

An American actor and producer, Michael Douglas who is in his mid-70s has married twice and leading a happy life with his second wife. The famous producer who has a very successful career through hard work has collected a net worth of around $300 million.


The 74 years' actor, Michael Douglas who has spent most of the time of his life to Hollywood has had a very successful career and fascinating journey. Producing and appearing in the several movies, Michael has grabbed lots of fans and followers as well as huge net worth as we stated above and still sums it up with his work. So, let's know more about his filming industry journey, salary, and other property he owns.

Michael Douglas' Net Worth and Salary

Already spending more than five decades in the Hollywood industry, Michael Douglas, the son of Kirk Douglas, has collected a huge amount of capital. Michael Douglas' net worth is estimated to be around $300 million while his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones has an estimated net worth of around $45 million.

CAPTION: Michael Douglas SOURCE: Pinterest

As we all know that the finances are shared between husband and wife, so we can assume that collectively they have a net worth of around $354 million. And as both of them are working on their career, they are still adding more to it. Talking about Michael's salary, he earns an estimated six figures' salary from his films and other sponsorship deals. Some of his salaries are shown below on the table.

Movie Salary 
The Game $20 million
A Perfect Murder $20 million
Traffic  $10 million
The American President  $15 million
Disclosure $12 million

So seeing all his salary, it is very safe to say that he has collected all his net worth through his hard work in acting and producing his movie.

Michael Douglas' House

Every individual has their own interest in collecting something with their earnings. Likewise, actor Michael also has interests in collecting houses. He owns many houses in different places. So have a look at some information about all his home in a bit of detail.

House in Bedford

The first one on the list of Michael's house is his house in Bedford. His 19th-century house is made on a 15 thousand square feet of area. During the purchase of the house, it was priced at around $11.25 million. 

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' house in Bedford SOURCE: YouTube

The house has its swimming pool, tennis court, swimming pool, greenhouse, a guest cottage, a horse barn, and his own small girl cave. 

House in Spain

Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have bought the sprawling villa in Puerto Valldemossa. As per The Sun, the house' price is around $48.26 million. The large villa consists of 11 bedrooms, gym, swimming pool, home cinema, vineyard and a Donald Trump Scarecrow. 

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' house in Spain SOURCE: YouTube

Not only that he also has a home in Bermuda which he has taken in rent. As per some tabloid source, he has to pay $28 thousand per month as the rent of the house.

Michael Douglas' Cars Collection

Well, now to talk about his cars, Michael Douglas seems like a lavish cars collector. He has cars of different brands and times as he has vintage to modern cars. He has a trooper typed Mercedes Benz car costing around $150 thousand to $300 thousand. 

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' car SOURCE: YouTube

Apart from that, he also has other cars such as the Toyota Prius costing around $30 thousand and Skoda Fabia costing around $20 thousand. 

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' car SOURCE: YouTube

Michael Douglas' Yacht

Michael Douglas' also has his own luxurious yacht. As per the US market, the price of the Luxurious Yacht is said to be around $15-$20 million.

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' private Yacht SOURCE: YouTube

The yacht consists of bedrooms, restaurant, bar, disco, restroom, swimming pool and many other things. So, doesn't it show how lavish his life is? 

Michael Douglas' Jet

Apart from all those automobiles, Michael Douglas also has his own personal Jet with luxurious facilities. The price of Jet has not been disclosed yet. But as per the US market, the cost of a Jet is estimated to be around $2-$90 million. And, looking at this jet, it seems as if it is worth at least $30 million. 

CAPTION: Michael Douglas' jet SOURCE: Pinterest

No doubt, he is living his lavish life with his earnings. The actor has such a huge amount of net worth as we can see from his luxurious way of life. 

Top 10 Facts of Michael Douglas

1. Michael Kirk Douglas was born on September 25, 1944, in New Jersey, US.
2. He is the elder son of famous actor and producer, Kirk Douglas, and actress Diana Douglas.
3. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles, California.
4. He has married twice and currently living with second wife Catherine Zeta-Jones after the divorce with Diandra Luker.
5. He is the father of three children including actor Cameron Douglas.
6. He started his filming career at the age of 22.
7. He is of the Democratic party.
8. In 2013 he revealed that he had tongue cancer.
9. At the age of 33, he married to first wife Diandra Luker when she was just 19.
10. He was involved in a serious accident in the year 1980.