Mayim Bialik Divorce from Michael Stone, Know about her Relationship and Children

And it all started with a big bang”. We all know Sheldon Cooper from the famous comedy series “Big Bang Theory”. We also know his short-time girlfriend “Amy Farrah Fowler” whose real name is Mayim Bialik. But I’m sure you guys haven’t heard much about Mayim Bialik's real-life love story.

Amy and Sheldon were very cute together in the series. Although they didn’t date for long, they were real couple goals for so many couples out there. But how is her real-life partner? Is she married? Who is she with? Know everything today through this article.

Mayim Bialik married

Mayim Bialik first got married back in the year 2003 to Michael Stone. Together they have two children together. But the marriage didn’t work out.

Mayim, also a neuroscientist, once mentioned in a video that women aren’t wired for open relationships. She further told that,

it goes against millions of years of evolution… the male body produces millions of sperm every day. A woman produces one egg per month.

Michael-Stone-Mayim-Bialik-wedding Michael-Stone-Mayim-Bialik-wedding, Source: Divorce Debbie

Mayim and Michael together have two children. They parented their first child Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone, after two years of marriage on October 10, 2005. Likewise, the former couple welcomed their second child, Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone on August 15, 2008.

Both their children have enjoyed riches and glory since their birth, they have not faced any problems due to their financial situation. Frederick who is currently 14 years old is leading a happy life along with his big brother, Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone, and his parents.


Mayim Bialik divorce

Bialik and Stone got divorced after nine years of marriage. After getting married in 2003, nine years later in 2012, in November, Mayim Bialik finalized a divorce from her husband. They then decided to get each of the two-family homes in California. After the divorce Bialik was also awarded the couple’s home in Studio City (1400 square foot one bedroom hillside home).


Michael-Stone-and-Mayim-Bialik-with-their-kids-300x194 Michael-Stone-and-Mayim-Bialik-with-their-kids, Source: Divorce Debbie

Despite not being together, they both have proved to be very good parents. Lately, even after her divorce, she is not seen with any other guy, and not only that, she has also mentioned in a video that she is extremely clueless when it comes to dating.

She also mentioned in the video that she has never actually dated and that dating is naughty in the 21st century. Looks like the actress is not going to spend any of her time on guys and focusing fully on her career.


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