Martina Hingis dating after divorce with her ex-husband. Unravel her affairs and relationships

Claimed by a husband Martina Hingis is referred as a serial adulterer because of lots of affairs and relationships she encountered throughout her life even after her marriage. Currently, she is dating David Tosas Ros after she got a divorce with her ex-husband Thibault Hutin. These two definitely does not complete her boyfriend's list. Uncover her love life in detail.

Martina is a Czechoslovak-born Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 5 in doubles by the WTA. She is a very successful tennis player winning numerous national games including  WTA Championships two times in singles and three times in doubles, and an Olympic silver medal.

Martina Hingis is dating David Tosas Ros

David is a Spanish sports manager currently working for the Barcelona branch of Martina's management company Octagon. According to the report, Martina and David were first introduced while he arrived to work for her management team.

Martina Hingis and her boyfriend David Tosas Ros Martina Hingis and her boyfriend David Tosas Ros  Source: Getty Image

The couple started liking each other soon after they had their first encounter, followed by their romantic dates and getaways which led two of them in love. According to the reports, these lovebirds began dating since May 2013 and since the time, these two are inseparable and happy being in a relationship.

David has no records of his past affairs and relationships other than his current girlfriend Martina. Martina went through her astounding divorce with her husband Thibault Hutin before meeting her boyfriend David.

Martina Hingis was married to Thibault Hutin

Martina and Thibault were married after their whirlwind romance on 10 December 2010. The pair organized their wedding ceremony in Paris, France. But unfortunately, they got divorced in 2013 after three years of their marriage.

A French equestrian Thibault mentioned that the reason for their divorce is because Martina cheated on him. Hutin claimed that he caught his wife Hingis with another man in a hotel room in 2011 while he made a surprise visit to see her in New York.

Martina Hingis and her ex-husband Thibault Hutin Martina Hingis and her ex-husband Thibault Hutin  Source: Daily Mail

Martina being unfaithful was the prime cause for them to be drifted apart. Have a look at the emotional break out of Thibault on his interview about his divorce;

'Martina has a very personal conception of morality, she has always been like that; I think she has always been unfaithful to her boyfriends.'

Martina had broken off her engagement with her ex-love Andreas Bieri after she met Thebault. Andreas is a Swiss attorney and the couple was engaged in 2010. Let's know more about her past relationships in detail.

Martina Hingis past affairs

Sources say that Martina has been unfaithful to all of her previous partners. She has been in numerous affairs where she cheated most of her boyfriends.

She got romantically linked with the Spanish Golf player Sergio Garcia in 2001-2002. Likewise, she dated a British soccer Sol Campbell for in 2005 and their relationship stayed for one year.

Hingis found love in her own field as well who was a Czech tennis player, Radek Stepánek in 2006. Then she again came into limelight with her love life dating a Ukrainian personality Alexander Onischenko in 2007.

Other than that, she was also said to have been encountered with Swedish tennis player, Magnus Norman, Spanish tennis player, Julián Alonso, and Swiss tennis player, Ivo Heuberger.

We can only wait and see how compatible and stable Martina gets with her current beau David.