Marnie Schulenburg Is No More: Her Personal Life And Professional Career

It turns out the 'As the World Turns' actress Marnie Schulenburg died at the early age of 37. It was a tragic moment for all to have loose such a talented actress who contributed to the entertainment industry by appearing in TV series and movies. 

So, what was the reason behind the death? Read below by scrolling down further to know more about her personal life, including her husband, marital life, and children. And who was she living in her last days?

What was the Cause Behind Schulenburg's Death?

American actress Marnie was popular among the public with her role in One life to live as Sullivan died on May 17, 2022, due to complications from breast cancer. Regarding her death, it was confirmed by her representative and husband.

It all started when Marnie was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer three years ago on May 8, 2020. For information, 4 metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer.

Marnie didn't have any problem sharing this news with the public as she frequently gave updates on her Instagram account @marnschupip4.  On October 15, 2021, she posted her before and after cancer photos talking about her cancer, old photos, and the different way she is going to live from now.

Marnie Marnie Schulenburg with her daughter. (Source: Instagram @ marnschupip4)

Just on mothers day, Marnie posted her pic with her mom and daughter stating that she was released from the hospital and she wanted to be a strong mother to her child and thanked her mom for being a caring and loving person, she also said that her chance of survival seems to increase, she ended the post saying "Screw the oxygen mask, just remember how to breathe"

Just two weeks after this post on May 17  Schulenburg took her last breath at a hospital situated in Bloomfield, New Jersey. She lived her last moment with her family and some representative before her demise.

Who Was Marine Schulenburg?

Marine Schulenburg was a famous actress known for her role in the CBS soap opera As the World Turns. She was born on May 21, 1984, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States Of America. She was the second child of their parents. She has a younger brother and an older sister.

Marine young brother's name is Allan he is presently a music teacher while her older sister's name is Corinna and she is a playwright by profession. You may love to learn about other actors like Julian McMehhan.

Marnie Marnie Schulenburg and Zack Robidas were married  (Source: Instagram @ marnschupip4)

Marine was born into a well-to-do family so she didn't face any difficulty in her early life. She went to Barnstable High School for early education where she participated in singing and dancing events she was passionate about acting from an early age.

After completing her early education she went to  DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in theater.

About her love life, she got married to her boyfriend Zack Robidas whom she dated for 10 years. They exchange their vow in a ceremony on September 15, 2013. They have a beautiful daughter named Coda Jones who was born on December 12, 2019.

How Did Marnie Schulenburg's Acting Career Start?

The talented actress Schulenburg's career started right after she got a degree in hand. At first, she was cast as Alison Stewart. In early 2007 she made her first debut on The Young and the Restless and after a couple of months, she again debuted in 'As the World turns' which made her popular.

Following this, Schulenburg debuted in many opera and television series /shows like Fringe, Divorce, Alpha House, Royal Pains, As you like it, and many others. She has also debuted in many films Made for Each Other, and One Night Stand working with Jill Hennessy, Kevin Bacon, and several others. 

Due to Schulenburg's great acting skills and performance, she got the Daytime Emmy Award where she was nominated in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2010.


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