Actress Jill Hennessy and husband Paolo Mastropietro, too busy with work to spend time with their children? Cracks in their married life?

HitBerryPublished on   05 Jan, 2016Updated on   05 Jan, 2016

Actress Jill Hennessy and husband Paolo Mastropietro are said to be so busy with work that they don’t even have time for their own children. And rumors are spreading that the much in love couple might be having some relationship issues in their happily married life due to their over-packed schedules. So is it really true, or it is a just another false rumor? Let’s find out!!

We have been hearing several rumors about Jill and her actor turned entrepreneur husband’s busyness, which has not only been hampering the lives of their children, but also their own relationship with each other as well. We were not sure if the rumors were merely speculations made by people or actually true. But thankfully, a source who claims to be close to the couple has come forth. They say that the rumors were totally false. They said that the Canadian actress/musician’s marriage is going on quite well and the kids were fine. 

“All the rumors about Jill and Paolo are false. Yes! They are quite busy in their work. But that does not mean they don’t have time for their kids. I mean they are not the only working parents, are they? So why are people creating so much fuss about everything? I don’t understand people who love to spread such pathetic rumors about celebrities,” said the insider, rather furiously we might add. 

The anonymous source further added: “People who spread unnecessary and scandalous rumors about celebrities should be ashamed of themselves. Jill and Paolo have had a hard time handling their personal and professional lives, but they are pretty great parents. They give all the time their two children need and the duo is doing just fine in their happily married life.”

Jill, who is best known for her role as Jordan Cavanaugh in NBC television crime drama Crossing Jordan, is a loving mother and a wife. SHe revealed in one of her interviews that she struggled to maintain her family life. She called her life with her husband and her two little bundle of joy ‘a wild ride’ and stated that she was juggling it quite well. “I was much more critical of myself when I was younger. Now I have a lot of hope and excitement about all the things I still want to do,” she told.

She is multi-lingual and speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. She is a professional musician and singer who plays the guitar and loves riding motorcycles with her husband. The couple tied the knot back in 2000. Surprisingly, the duo had a second wedding ceremony a year later in January 2001. They have two sons, Marco and Gianni.

According to the informant, despite all the hardships and struggles, the couple is handling their married life and family life perfectly. The insider also confirmed that Jill and Paolo were not having any problem in their marriage. 

The actress, who played the role of her real life sister’s twin in 1988 movie Dead Ringers, is at the height of career right now. Her net worth remains undisclosed.