Lucille Ball's Love Letters: Exploring Her Past and Present Relationships

Lucille Ball is the Emmy-winning late actress and comedienne. She remains an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, primarily celebrated for her groundbreaking sitcom, "I Love Lucy." 

Ball's unparalleled comedic timing and charisma endeared her to audiences worldwide. Her personal life also garnered significant attention, notably her two marriages to Gary Morton and Desi Arnaz. 

Ball's Marriage At The Time Of Her Death

Lucille Ball was married to Gary Morton at the time of her death. She passed away on April 26, 1989, at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Their marriage endured until her passing at the age of 77. 


Lucille Ball and her husband, Gary Morton SOURCE: Pinterest

Ball's death was attributed to a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. It marked the end of an era for one of Hollywood's most cherished and influential figures. 

The Marriage With Gary Morton

Ball and Morton's love story culminated in marriage on November 19, 1961. It happened after a courtship of 11 months. The intimate ceremony took place in front of 40 close friends and family members. He is 13 years younger than her.

Among the guests were Ball's two children from her previous marriage to Desi Arnaz: 10-year-old Lucie and 8-year-old Desi Jr. Their union marked a new chapter in the late actress's life.

How Did Lucille Meet Her Forever?

Ball and Gary Morton's meeting was orchestrated by fate on a blind date. It occurred in the bustling streets of New York in 1960. This encounter occurred approximately nine months after her divorce from her first husband, Desi Arnaz.


Lucille Ball and Gary Morton at their wedding SOURCE: Pinterest

The meeting was set up by her friend, comedian Jack Carter. Despite his well-intentioned efforts, she initially harbored zero desire to delve into the realm of romance again. She approached this blind date with caution. Little did she know, she would find her true love.

Didn't Marry The Actress For Her Money

One of the most enduring misconceptions surrounding Lucille's marriage to Morton is the assumption that he was drawn to her wealth and fame. However, the actress herself dispelled this myth. 

Morton's love for Ball transcended materialistic considerations, as evidenced by his actions before their marriage. She discovered that he had no interest in her financial assets when he took proactive steps to ensure her financial independence. 

Before exchanging vows, Morton arranged for Ball to legally retain sole control over her finances once they were married. In her memoir, as mentioned in Showbiz Cheatsheet, she disclosed, "Before our marriage, Gary spoke with my lawyers without my knowledge and offered to sign away any interest in my money." 

The Death Of Gary Morton

Gary Morton, the beloved husband of Lucille passed away on March 30, 1999. He died at the age of 74. His death occurred at his home in Palm Springs, marking the end of a remarkable life filled with laughter, love, and enduring contributions to the world of entertainment. 


Lucille Ball and Gary Morton at an event SOURCE: Pinterest

Morton's battle with lung cancer, as reported in The New York Times, served as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life like B.J. Thomas. His legacy continued to resonate with those who knew him best. 

Previously Married To Desi Arnaz

Lucille Ball's first marriage to Desi Arnaz was a union that captivated the hearts of millions. Their journey together began on November 30, 1940, culminating in a bond that lasted for two decades. 

Ball and Arnaz's commitment to each other was reaffirmed when they renewed their vows in June 1949. However, after 20 years of marriage, their relationship came to an end, and they parted ways on May 16, 1961

How Did Lucille And Desi Meet?

Lucille and Desi's love story began on the set of the musical film "Too Many Girls" in 1940. It was a fateful meeting that changed the course of their lives forever. From the moment they crossed paths, there was an undeniable spark between them.


Lucille Ball and her first husband, Desi Arnaz SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite their differences, Ball's charm and Arnaz's charismatic demeanor complemented each other perfectly. Their courtship culminated in marriage by the end of the year.

What Ended The Marriage?

Ball and Arnaz initially tried to divorce in 1944, and it stemmed from various issues. It included Arnaz's struggles with heavy drinking and infidelity. According to reports, his frequent touring kept him away from home for extended periods, leaving her feeling neglected and lonely. 

Moreover, Arnaz's late nights clashed with Ball's early morning work schedule. Despite the challenges, the couple attempted to reconcile, driven partly by her opportunity to star in the groundbreaking television series "I Love Lucy." Insisting on Arnaz playing her on-screen husband, they portrayed a married couple on the show.

However, Lucille and Desi's real-life marriage couldn't withstand the strain. They divorced in 1960, three years after "I Love Lucy" concluded. Despite their separation, they maintained an amicable relationship, never speaking ill of each other and remaining friends until their respective passing.

Lucille Ball's Dating History

Lucille Ball's dating history paints a colorful picture of her romantic life. From her early years, she was involved with Johnny DeVita from 1926 to 1928. It indicates her presence in the dating scene even before her rise to stardom. 

Throughout her career, Ball was linked romantically with several prominent figures, including John Emery, Alexander Hall, Mack Gray, Broderick Crawford, and Bernard Newman. Among these relationships, one noteworthy encounter was with Gene Markey in 1938.


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