63 Years Old American Billionaire Lloyd Blankfein Married Wife Laura Jacobs a Long Time; Shares 3 Children

The American investment banker, Lloyd Craig Blankfein aka Lloyd Blankfein who is working as the CEO of Goldman Sachs is leading a happy married life with wife Laura Jacobs for more than three decades.


The 63 years' businessman who started his career in 1982 has made a fortune of $1.1 billion his bank account. Keeping aside Lloyd's professional life, today we will be discussing his romantic marital life since 1983. So stay tuned to know the reason behind their perfect relationship in this article.

Lloyd Blankfein married life with Laura Jacobs

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein got married to Laura, the daughter of Norman S. Jacobs, the editor-in-chief of the Foreign Policy Association Publications. The pair shared the marital vows on June 19, 1983, after dating for some months. They met each other while Lloyd was a tax lawyer and Laura was a firm associate. 

CAPTION: Lloyd Blankfein with his wife Laura Jacobs SOURCE: Sucess Stories

The couple has shared three children together. Among three, they welcomed two children as a son; Alexander Blankfein and Jonathan Blankfein and one daughter; Rachel.

CAPTION: Lloyd Blankfein with his wife and children SOURCE: Success Stories

The pair has already celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary and still, they are going strong with each other without any rumors of their separation.

The reason behind Lloyd Blankfein and Laura Jacobs Perfect Relationship

Being born to one of the well-established businessmen, most of the girls wouldn't prefer to get married to the person having low earning. But the current billionaires, Lloyd's wife, Laura married him despite knowing that she may face financial hardship in the coming days.

CAPTION: Lloyd Blankfein with his wife Laura Jacobs SOURCE: Success Stories

Laura is the one who always stood by the side of Lloyd when he was in a bad situation and supported to overcome through it. Not only in his professional life, she also inspired him a lot when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma in the year 2015.

As we all have heard the quote, there is always the hand of women behind every successful man. And the same quote has been applied in the life of Lloyd and Laura. As we all know Laura married Lloyd, despite knowing the facts he was not earning well in the starting days of his career. And she never left him alone while he was struggling in his career.

So, Laura's supportive and loving behavior has helped them grow strong together in every phase of life.

Ten Facts about Lloyd Blankfein

1. Lloyd Craig Blankfein aka Lloyd Blankfein was born on September 20, 1954, in New York City, US. 
2. Lloyd Blankfein was born to father, Seymour Blankfein who was a clerk in Manhattan US Postal Service.
3. Lloyd Blankfein's net worth is around $1.1 billion. 
4. Lloyd Blankfein is of a democratic party. 
5. Lloyd Blankfein is graduated from Harvard University.
6. Lloyd Blankfein is CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs.
7. Lloyd Blankfein was an early supporter for gay marriage. 
8. Despite joining the social media platform Twitter since 2011, he tweets his first post on June 1, 2017.
9. Lloyd Blankfein is married to Laura Jacobs since 1983 and shares three children together. 
10. Lloyd Blankfein started his professional career at the age of 28.