Linda Blair's Love Life: Unveiling Her Relationship Status and Romantic History

Linda Blair is an American actress and activist who caught everyone's eye when she played the role of Regan MacNeil in the famous movie, "The Exorcist." She made a big impact with her performance, and it's a movie that many people remember. But she is more than just an actress; she's also an activist, and has helped with lots of animal rescue.

Blair, an Oscar-nominated actress, has showcased her acting skills in various movies and TV shows beyond her iconic role in "The Exorcist." Some of her other well-known works include movies like "Savage Streets" and "Hell Night." She made her name doing horror films, but what about her romantic life? Well, let's find out.

Blair Is Living A Single Life Today

Linda Blair is single and not currently dating anyone. The actress known for her impressive acting career and activism may be focused on her work and other pursuits at this point in her life. Regardless of her relationship status, it's her contributions to the entertainment industry and her passion for social causes that continue to define her public image.

LindaLinda Blair with the rescued dogs SOURCE: Linda Blair Instagram @thereallindablair

Blair's dating plans, especially considering her age, remain uncertain, as she tends to keep her personal life private. Her choices in this regard, like many others, are entirely up to her, and her fans continue to admire her for the talent and passion she brings to her work, regardless of her dating status.

Never Married Once

Blair has never been married, and one of the reasons often cited for this is her parents' troubled marriage. Sometimes, the experiences we have growing up can strongly influence our decisions in adulthood. 

Seeing her parents go through a difficult marriage may have made Linda more cautious about rushing into a lifelong commitment like marriage. The actress chose to focus on personal growth, careers, and happiness instead of getting married. 

Who Was Blair's Last Known Relationship?

Blair's last known relationship was with Wings Hauser, and they were together from 1990 to 1994 (the year Ralph Peters married Katherine McIntire). During their time together, they shared moments and experiences as a couple. Relationships, like theirs, can have their ups and downs, and sometimes they come to a natural end for various reasons. 

WingsLinda Blair's ex-partner, Wings Hauser in Deadly Force (1983) SOURCE: Trailer Chan YouTube Channel

Blair and Hauser's love story began on the set of the movie "Bedroom Eyes II," where they portrayed a couple on screen. Sometimes, when actors work closely together, they develop strong bonds, and that's exactly what happened with the two. She hasn't disclosed this relationship.

Wings, the son of the multi-talented writer, producer, and actor Dwight Hauser, has made a name for himself in the world of acting. He's been a part of several notable movies throughout his career, including "The Insider," "Rubber," and "Tough Guys Don't Dance." 

Rick Springfield: Blair's Most Well-Known Ex-Boyfriend

Linda Blair and Rick Springfield were in a romantic relationship during the 1970s. Their love story drew a lot of attention because of the significant age difference between them. She was 15 years old and on the other hand, he was 25. For her, he was not only a partner but also her first lover and first loves can hold a special place in our hearts. 

Blair's meeting with Rick Springfield was quite a moment. They crossed paths during a concert at the famous Whisky a Go Go. It's amazing how life can bring two people together in unexpected places. At the time, he was a struggling musician, living in a modest $180-a-month apartment, as mentioned in an article from Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

The First Encounter With Springfield

Linda Blair's invitation to the Rainbow Club up the street, after Rick Springfield had finished his last set, was a friendly and welcoming gesture. It's often in these relaxed, post-performance moments that connections can deepen. She along with her sister Debbie, offered to buy the singer a drink. It showed a genuine interest in getting to know him better. 

RickLinda Blair with her famous ex-boyfriend, Rick Springfield SOURCE: Linda Blair Instagram @thereallindablair

After their time at the club, Linda and Rick decided to continue their evening back at his apartment. The two ended up in his bed. She lost her virginity to him when she was just 15 years old. It's something many people have rightfully criticized their relationship for.

How Did The Former Lovers Spend Their Time?

During the time that Blair and Springfield were together, it seemed like they cherished their privacy. They spent a lot of their time together inside their apartment, as mentioned in an article from Entertainment Weekly. Maybe perhaps they found comfort and joy in each other's company away from the public eye. 

Occasionally, Blair and Springfield ventured out to premieres and Hollywood parties, attending these glitzy events as a couple. However, they seemed to do so with a sense of innocence, not fully realizing the media attention and scrutiny that would come their way. 

The Breakup With Springfield

Linda Blair and Rick Springfield's relationship, which began in 1976, unfortunately came to an end after two years. Breakups are never easy, and they can be especially tough when two people have shared a significant part of their lives. 

RickRick Springfield performing live SOURCE: Rick Springfield Instagram @rickspringfield

Linda and Rick decided to part ways after approximately two years together. The challenges of being in the public eye, along with the scrutiny that often accompanies fame, put significant strain on their relationship. 

Additionally, the perceived age difference between the former lovers might have contributed to their decision. It's important to acknowledge that relationships can be complex, and external factors can sometimes play a role in the choices couples make. 

Still On Good Terms With The Singer

Blair and Springfield may have gone their separate ways romantically, but they've managed to maintain a strong and enduring friendship. Their bond has remained intact over the years, and a shared passion for animals played a big role in that. Both of them are committed advocates for animal welfare organizations. 

Blair's friendship with Rick has extended beyond just sharing a passion for animal welfare. The singer has been a valuable supporter of Linda's WorldHeart Foundation. His involvement demonstrates the depth of their connection and his commitment to the causes the actress is passionate about. 

Springfield has previously mentioned that he and Linda share a love for both dogs and, separately, their passion for life's pleasures. It's important to clarify that he means these interests are separate and not combined! This lighthearted comment shows that even though they've had their share of ups and downs, their friendship is marked by a sense of humor and an ability to find joy in the simple things in life. 

Dated Quiet A Few Men Since Springfield

Since her breakup with Springfield, Linda Blair has had several romantic relationships with different men. And, each of her relationships marks a unique chapter in her journey. Her dating history includes well-known names like Robin Zander and Rick James, spanning from the early 1970s to the early 1980s. Let's have a quick look at who the actress has been involved with in the past.

Blair dated Rick James from 1982 to 1984, Tommy Shaw from 1979 to 1981, Neil Giraldo in 1979, Glenn V. Hughes III from 1979 to 1981, and even Helmut Berger in 1976. Additionally, there have been rumors about the Oscar-nominated actress possibly being in a romantic relationship with Jennifer Lee Pryor. It seems like she has had her fair share of dating experiences over the years.


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