Fox's Ralph Peters suspended for crude language, also facing trouble at home with wife Katherine McIntire, married since 1994

Ralph Peters of Fox channel has, throughout his career, been involved with controversies. His most recent one may happen to be the most astounding by any reporter in the history of on air news reporting.

Ralph, on air this weekend, in the middle of Fox News, criticized the American President Barrack Obama saying “he is such a total p@#sy  it is stunning”. The after math of the incident cause wide spread out-cry throughout the nation.

In order to minimize damage to the corporation’s image, Fox issued a statement where they apologized to the President and suspended Ralph with immediate effect until further notice.

Ralph, a strategic analyst for Fox News, was asked for his opinion on the speech made by President Obama on the country’s take on ISIS, the terrorist organization, and also on the sensitive topic of people of Islam religion migrating to America.

What enraged Ralph and put him in a situation to use such crude language was the President’s take on the fight against ISIS. Obama said that America will not help the coalition of countries by supplying them troops to fight the Terrorist organization on the ground. The President further said the only help America is ready to give to the coalition is by continuing the air strikes on the Terrorist organization.

Ralph, in the short interview, said the President is wrong to think of Americans as being scared of the current situation. He further went on to say that Americans weren’t scared, they were angry. He also mentioned that the President has been failing to understand the American people for a while now.

In his speech, President Obama has said Americas shouldn’t be afraid of people of Islam religion and need to be more open and broad minded about the situation.

The situation he referred to was the ongoing war in Syria and also the recent shootings in San Bernardino where a Muslim couple in cold blood massacred 14 people and left 21 injured. The couple, before killing all those people, had pledged allegiance to the ISIS organization via internet.

Ralph also further said the President has been targeting the police in America and making it difficult for them to do their work. He also said President Obama has made the American army dysfunctional.

Ralph earlier had sparked huge controversy when he went about publicizing the idea of closing the border for all Muslim immigrants.  

Ralph has been married thrice already and his present wife is Katherine McIntire, who he married in 1994. Sources close to them have said Ralph may be looking for a third divorce as Katherine is extremely unhappy at home, especially because of his continuous rage that Ralph is known for.

Ralph’s parents were humble people and his father was a coal miner and a businessman. Ralph has always thanked his parents for giving him the opportunities he got while growing up.

Ralph received his education from the prestigious St. Mary’s University in Texas, where he got his M.A in International relations.