Liam Payne's unregistered child with Cheryl. Know their relationship too

July 5, 2017
First Published On: July 5, 2017

I am sure I don’t need to introduce Liam Payne to you all, especially if you are a girl. Liam was introduced to the world by the band “One Direction.” He decided to go solo in July 2016.

We are all quite familiar with his professional life but his love life is recently taking over the town.  Liam and is girlfriend Cheryl share a baby together. But it seems like the couple is having trouble registering the birth of their child.

Liam and Cheryl could face up to £200 for not registering their child’s birth

Cheryl announced her pregnancy formally during a shoot for a Daily Mirror. Liam and Cheryl welcomed their first child on March 22, 2017. But the couple is having trouble with all the paperwork. The couple has not registered the birth of their son and they can face a charge on that.

Cheryl and Liam Payne Cheryl and Liam Payne   Source: metro

After Cheryl and Liam started dating they were criticized for their age gap. The couple was also known to be tying the knot soon but they have not done it yet. Cheryl gave birth to a baby with one direction’s singer Liam Payne and that is a big surprise to their fans.

According to the law, like all parents, Liam and Cheryl also had 42 days to legally register their child’s birth. They have crossed the 42 days limit and still not looking forward to registering the birth of Bear Payne.

It may cost them with a £200 fine due to the delay. Liam is busy recording his solo material and working on his next album. Cheryl is busy with her work schedule and the paperwork is yet to be done.

The 33-year-old Cheryl and 23-year-old Liam spent a week with their son for setting the final name of the baby. They wanted to know what name exactly fits the baby.

They are known to be setting bad example with Bear for the delay. Since Cheryl had no surname they came to the mutual understanding of giving the baby’s surname, Payne. We hope that the couple soon looks forward fulfilling the legal procedure.