RAVPower: The best wireless charger pad for iPhone X/8 and Android devices

Frank FancherPublished on   10 Jan, 2018Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

If you are looking for charging brick which charges iPhone 8 or X at the same time you want to use it for various android devices then here is your best pick.  Look for a "RAVPower" charger at Amazon; Why? Let's explore.

First thing first, It's affordable 

The wireless charger is under $50, and that is not yet its available at a discounted rate wait until the end where we discuss the price factor in detail. Further, the added extension chords that come with it makes it more affordable as many other options available in the market don't usually come with Android and Microsoft Lumia supporting chords.

Other added factor that makes this pad so interesting is the cool 24W QC 3.0 adapter, which is needed for the pad to support fast charging. 

The design is Elegant

The circular less space-consuming charging pad is different from the usual bricks that we get in the market and on the top, it easily charges and stores the charge for a longer duration. The easily portable charging pad has a silicon coating which opposes your cell phone from sliding away. 

Easy to use

Here is an easy user manual for all the buyers, unpack it, place your handset over the pad and it starts doing what it is supposed to do, by that we mean "it starts charging your phone.

[ CAPTION: RAV Power Pad/ Wireless Charger ]
[ SOURCE: Amazon ]

Yes, we are used to expensive space consuming and ugly looking charging pad but here is all the answer to that. As promised earlier we have tried to include the price list in the product's detail so let's quickly jump at it.

[ CAPTION: RAV Power Pad can charge Android outlets and Lumia ]
[ SOURCE: Amazon ]

The RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad comes at an affordable price of $44.99. Recently, Amazon.com is distributing it at an affordable rate at $34.99. You can get the discounted rate using the coupon code ZDWIREPH at checkout, quickly grab your charger as the offer expires on 25 Jan 2018 11:59 pm PST), and for the users in the UK Amazon.co.uk offers a discounted rate of £23.99 get it using the coupon code V4WBZHPP at checkout but the offer on the other side of the Pacific expires four days earlier than in America on 21st, Jan  2018 at 11:59 pm GMT).