Lesbian actress Melanie Mayron, age 63, finally ready to get married and settle down with a woman

HitBerryPublished on   18 Dec, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2017

‘Thirty Something’ star Melanie Mayron caused much disappointment to her straight male fans when she came out as a lesbian. But now, she has once again given her fans something to smile about.

Melanie Mayron is expected to be another addition to the list of homosexual celebrities who got married to their partners after the legalization of same sex marriage by the US government this year.

 In her recent interviews, the actress revealed that she is now finally ready to settle down with the right woman. “I am already in my early 60s. There will be no better time for me to marry someone”, the actress reportedly said.  It seems like the time has come for the hot actress to start a family of her own.

Rumors suggest that the 63 years old actress is seeing someone currently. It has also been suggested that this is the same person who Mayron considers “the right person” for her to settle down with.

People close to the actress have revealed that she has already introduced her partner to her family. The actress’s family is also supportive of her decisions.

Melanie Mayron came out as a gay in her early thirties. Her coming out caused much controversy at the time. There were even claims that the actress was actually straight and was married with a husband and two children.

It was suggested that her coming out as a lesbian was just a publicity stunt to gain followers from LGTB community. The actress has continuously denied those claims and expressed anger towards those making such claims.

It is believed that Mayron is going to adopt a child with her future partner.  Mayron has stated several times in her previous interviews that she would love to raise a child with her partner. It is expected that the actress will make her decision public within the first month of next year.

The actress formerly dated Cynthia Mort. She separated from Mort in 2010. It was claimed that Mort was cheating on Mayron, and this was believed to be the reason the two got separated.

Even though Mayron is openly gay, her popularity among heterosexual people is the same as before she came out. At her youth, her sexy legs were considered very hot. She is still considered one of the most beautiful actresses despite her growing age.

Mayron broke into Hollywood through her role in 1974 film Harry and Tonty. Since then, she has made appearance in several movies. Her role in 1982 thriller Missing and 1995 movie ‘The Baby-sitter Club’ are critically acclaimed.

She has also won an Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Drama Series in the year 1989. She also has two more Emmy nominations. Her net worth remains undisclosed.