Lauren Bushnell dating Boyfriend Devin Antin: See Bushnell's Instagram Story

August 13, 2017
First Published On: August 13, 2017
by HitBerry

With a perfect sexy figure and cute face, Lauren Bushell attracted fans more than expected. You might know that Lauren Bushnell boyfriend is one of the most searched topics on the Internet and people are quite curious to know about her personal life.

After Lauren Bushnell broke up with Ben Higgins, her fans were quite worried about her. Now, it looks like the gorgeous lady has found the love of her life. Know who the lucky guy is. Read more to know more about her:

Lauren Bushnell dating boyfriend Devin Antin

Back off boys! After the months of break up with Bachelor fiancé Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell is no more single. She is now dating Devin Antin and the couple looks extremely happy together.

Bushell revealed about her dating life with Devin Antin through her Instagram account. She posted a picture on her Instagram with Antin and captioned it as "Dibs". In that picture, Bushell looks pretty wearing a long flowing red dress whereas Antin looks handsome wearing a blue suit.

They made their relationship official through her Instagram. There are rumors that the couple started dating last month. Bushnell also posted a couple of photos in her Instagram story with her boyfriend, Antin.

Bushnell posted a cute moment picture of the couple where she was smiling at the camera leaning over Antin and sharing a kiss. She first introduced Antin to her followers in early August while they were on vacation. She posted a photo where Antin was holding her hand and she captioned the moment as "OK CUTIE".

Source: Instagram

Sources claim that the couple met while Lauren was living in Marina Del Ray two years ago before joining The Bachelor. When Lauren moved back to Los Angeles, they reconnected as friends and then rest is the history.

According to sources, even though Bushnell and Higgins broke up, they still are good friends. They ended their relationship in friendly terms and are still connected.

Bushnell moved on and found her Mr. Perfect. But there are no any records of Ben Higgins dating with the media. We hope that Higgins too finds his lady love soon.

Congratulations Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin!