Laura Marano Married Ross Lynch after long time Relationship; Know in Detail here

From centuries ago, the purest love has shown its presence in the human civilization. From Romeo Juliet to Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. Their stories have been absolutely inspiring and spectacular ones. Then, there are people who are passionate about making love but haven't tied the knot yet. Laura Marano and Ross Flynch just got out of that category after dating for a long time.

Laura Marano is an American actress and singer. If you have watched Disney Show "Austin & Ally", you should recognize her as Ally Dawson. Even more famous show of Lauren, she got a cast for the daughter of main roles in "Without a Trace" and "Back to you". Her roles are mostly filled up with humor on television series.

Romance Between Laura Marano and Ross Lynch

When in a relation, it is said: Never Betray Trust of one another. Likewise, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch have proven to be one of the adorable couples for fans. Thier relation started on the set of "Austin & Ally" where Ross acted as Austin. Repeated teasing by the crew members several times, it was getting awkward for them.

DISNEY'S FRIENDS FOR CHANGE - Disney Friends for Change Ambassadors Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, source: image-production

While saying the proverb above, I meant not betraying trust as friends. Yes, folks, they aren't really a couple but they are something else on the set. Austin and Ally in the Disney show perform as adults with unsteady romance for each other.

Ross & Laura in Disney Show "Austin & Ally", source: j-14

Despite several attempts on the screen, their love hasn't taken a turn in real life. While it would have been very pleasant and exciting moment for fans, neither of them have tried to take it further than good friends. Although, in one of the interview Ross admits if an opportunity comes by, he would date his virtual girlfriend.

Ross and Laura in the Red Carpet, source: j-14

Opposite to Ross thoughts, Laura reported she wouldn't date Lynch in real life. It is apparently out of bounds of her to think dating a co-star. She reported that professionally it might hamper the show production if they happen to break up.

Swett Ally & Austin, source: M-mag

While talking about their romance, they have grown super close to each other. On one side it is not a sin to hook up with a workmate. On the other hand, it is not a good choice to place their odds in front of their career.

Getting Married After long years!!!

Now, don't get all hyped or stressed. What you guys are about to learn is very satisfying if you are a lover of the "Austin & Ally" and haven't watched their romantic finale teaser.

At this point, you should realize that Austin and Ally finally tie their knot in the series.

Austin and Ally are married in the show, source: j-14

Although the promo of the show is too short, the proposal of Austin gets happily accepted by the actress. The series did end with a satisfying content. In fact, Laura was joyful about the finale as well.

We hope now you are now cleared about Laura Marano and Ross's relationship in series and in real life.