Late Paul Walker's Secrets that you should know!

Death of Paul Walker was definitely one of the most tragic incidents Hollywood has witnessed. It’s been four years since his death. Many might have already forgotten him but not his family, loved ones including his girlfriend Jasmine, colleagues, and loyal fans.

Can you guess how many girls Paul had dated? Two, three or? The magic number is six excluding Rebecca Soteros, mother of his child. You heard it right, guys. So what? Paul was a handsome devil. Many girls could have easily fallen for him. True but what if I tell you two of his girlfriends were rumored to be underage. Can this really be true? Stay until the end, if you want to know and you can be the judge of yourself. So let’s get down to business.

Paul Walker and Jasmine

Let’s start with Jasmine, then girlfriend of Walker. She was 23 at the time and they were in a relationship for 7 years and living in Los Angeles together before his sudden death. You see what’s wrong? She was 16 years old when they started dating.

That’s the problem, not to mention, she was already babysitting Paul's daughter, Meadow, only eight years older than her. Moreover, they got engaged back in 2009, when Jasmine was 19. This is, in fact, a crime under the California Law which clearly states

Any person 21 years of age or older who commits the crime with a minor under 16 years of age is guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor conviction is punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year. A felony conviction is punished by imprisonment in a county jail for two, three or four years, or in the state prison, depending on the person's criminal history.

So based on this Law, Paul Walker could have been easily in jail if he were alive, even for a few years based on the assumption that they were involved in more than just dating.


Jasmine was not the first 16-year-old late Paul had dated. That's true.

Paul Walker and Aubrianna Atwell

A woman resurfaced after his death called Aubrianna Atwell. She told Las Vegas Sun in 2013 during an interview that she had dated him 12 years ago. Noticed some similarity? Atwell was 28 at the time of the interview that makes her. Yup, you’ve got it. She too was 16 years old at the time they were dating. Maybe, Walker, after all, liked to date underage girls. But we do not know for sure if they were really intimate but it's bad enough they were dating already.

Paul and Aubrianna Atwell back in 2004 Paul and Aubrianna Atwell back in 2004 Source:

But love is blind, right? Just wait. But what would you think if one of your neighbors also dated a 16-year-old? Imagine for a moment. So do you realize something? When it comes to our beloved celebrity, our obsession for them overshadows judging ability. The only reason to put these facts forward is to prove a point. Paul Walker was probably not criticised only because of his fame and his innocent looks.

Of course, we should appreciate his acting skills and the fact that he was a philanthropist but that does not mean we should overlook his actions. Not only in America but it's a major crime to date teenage girls in many countries. Many girls who dated in their teens later realize that those people took advantage of them. According to them, those people were disgusting as they did not have that ability to know whom to date but those people knew.


It's even more heartbreaking that both of Walker girlfriends' family did not intervene in their daughter's dating life. How were they okay with their teenage daughter being in a relationship with an older man?

Paul Walker leaves nothing for his girlfriend

To make matters worse, Paul did not leave anything for Jasmine in his will despite all the rumors that he would have married her if he was still among us. Again, not to judge but pointing the facts only.

Apparently, he had left his $25 million estates only for his daughter, Meadow, in his will, but oddly enough, he did not even leave a dime for the love his life. Did you not find this strangely ridiculous? Any person sure would have left some of his wealth if s/he really cared for his/her loved ones. How could anyone not notice this? Wondering what could be the reason? Who knows?

Jasmine should have got some Comments supporting 'Jasmine should have got some' Source:

Again, you might be a little skeptic. Why come up with this now when the person is already dead? Is it okay to talk bad about someone when s/he is alive but treat him/her like a saint when dead? Certainly not. Surely Paul Walker is already dead but there are still many celebrities in the Hollywood who are still dating underage girls or boys in that case.

Even though there are strict laws regarding dating underage girls but it seems those laws are just a paper tiger, at least for them. Even we choose to ignore and accept their such misconduct. How are we better?

One of such celebrities is Wilmer Valderrama. The 70's show actor began dating when Demi Lovato was 17 years old. Not only her, but Lindsay Lohan was of the same age when she was dating Valderrama and Mandy Moore was just 16.

Similarly, Kobe Bryant, Jerry Seinfeld, Chad Michael Murray also fall in the same category. Dating a younger girl is okay but teenage girls under 18, is, by all means, committing a felony.

Left to Right: Demi Lovato, Valderrama, Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan Left to Right: Demi Lovato, Valderrama, Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan Source:

These type of misdemeanor has been quite common and trending more in the Hollywood these days. It's a mystery what these old men have common with these high school girls. Only they can tell. Maybe these older men are competing for who can date the youngest girl.