Kylie Jenner Bodyguard Tim Chung Holding A baby Penned ‘wait for it’, Sparks Amid Fatherhood Rumors

May 9, 2018 by arjun

Fans have been speculating Kylie Jenner bodyguard Tim Chung is the biological father of Jenner’s child as the babyface matched more with the bodyguard than with Travis Scott face. Find out whose baby is Chung holding in his arms and captioned ‘wait for it’ zooming at the child's face.


If you have not noticed Jenner’s bodyguard find out who he looks like.

We all are aware that Kylie Jenner has welcomed a new baby, Stormi. You can clearly see below Kylie holding her newborn on her left arm while she tries to manage her black hair with right hand dressed in a sexy white net style outfit.

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And we all know Kylie’s longtime boyfriend Travis Scott is Stormi’s Father.

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But, fans have developed new theory that the 3 months old Stormi resembles someone else- referring Kylie’s bodyguard Tim Chung.

Does the baby girl look like Tim Chung?

While other fans say who cares what baby Stormi looks like as her real parents are Kylie & Travis.


Wait for it..

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The one thing that trouble most is Chung takes his Instagram to share a cute baby not Stormi, zooming the camera in the child's face that he captioned “wait for it.” This video clip was share on March 24 before the fatherhood rumors broke-out.