Koren Grieveson Net worth: Know his salary and source of income

HitBerryPublished on   22 Nov, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

Koren Grieveson is a meat chef at a resto at 111 E 29th St, New York, 10016, United States of America. She serves all kind of foods, from Belgian/French/European specialties and more.


Also, she won the 2010 "James Beard award for Great Lakes Region Chef". And she was also named "Food & Wine Best New Chef". But the question remains, how much does she earn and what are her sources of income? Let us find out. 

Koren Grieveson Net Worth and Salary

We already know who she is and what she does, right! But have we any ideas about what kinda of life she lives or how much she earns, I know we definitely don’t. But for your information, Koren hasn’t revealed much about her net worth and salary. 

Koren Grieveson with her winning medal

Koren Grieveson with her winning medal Source: cookgirl

However, we do know about something. As indicated by payscale, the salary of a head chef is around $65,442. And she has been working in this field for more than 9 years now. So, you guys must have some knowledge on her net worth now.

And hey that is not all, executive chefs get a bonus from $299.33$ - $12,080, depends on how much the overall company gets. 

Other than that, she has won many cooking championships and has made money from that as well. Furthermore, Grieveson is also popular for her appearance in several TV series such as "Iron Chef America: The Series" and "Top Chef".

And you guys sure do know that Television networks pay really well to their guest stars. C’mon we all know that fact.

Source: popsugar

Short Bio on Koren Grieveson

Well, Koren was born and raised in South Africa. She and her family moved a lot, to countries like Iran, Brazil, England and finally the United States. Her dad was in a chicken business and it appears that she is running on her father’s footstep, which is great actually. 

According to foodandwine, when she was on her teenage, Koren served in the United States Army. She says that she joined the army because she really liked driving those Jeeps.

After she left Military, she ended up doing catering business for rock and roll bands (Lollapalooza, The Eagles, the Rolling Stones, etc) in New York and all kinda stuffs.

In the States, she first worked at "Blackbird" and later at "Avec" as chef de cuisine. Then, her journey began. 

Koren Grieveson at 'Avec'

Koren Grieveson at 'Avec' Source: 66.media.tumblr

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