Anne Burrell net worth: She has no house currently but know her salary and career

HitBerryPublished on   22 Nov, 2016Updated on   20 Apr, 2021

"A way to get into someone's heart is through food" this is an old Indian saying which will always be true. Food is so far the best invention of human history and can you earn riches by being a Chef? The answer is yes! Our celebrity Anne W. Burrell is an example; The TV Personality has a net worth of around US$ 5 million earned solely from her cooking skills which are featured on screen in various programs every now and then.

The Chef and TV-show host/ cooking show's Judge earns the huge six figure income from her shows and her salary in recent days, according to our sources close to the star is somewhere around US $50 thousand dollars.

Salary from Secret of A Restaurant Chef, and Burrell's net worth

A source confirms that Food network pays Anne W. Burrell around 50 thousand for her hard work in the kitchen for her recent show called Secret of A Restaurant Chef for the network. The show is loved by all of the food lovers all over the world. 

Anne in recent days works for food network and lives in the busy city of New york in a luxurious rented house. She doesn't have an apartment yet but it is not that she couldn't afford it, she looks like she is searching a home near to her workstation for now.

Career as a chef

Burrell was born on 21st September 1969, in Cazenovia area in New York State, USA. The established chef in her college days was not a culinary student, in fact, she studied English literature in her college days. But she left the world of literature and devoted into kitchen business. Her career as a chef started from early 1996 and now has reached to the seventh sky.



She rose to fame after being affiliated with Institute she of Culinary Education and did a show called Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell, Recently she is involved with her show called Secrets Of A Restaurant Chef. Some of her other on-screen shows are  Worst Cooks In America which started in 2010 and the next season is set to be out somewhere in 2017. her other famous work is for the famous cooking show called The Iron Chef America which was released to Television media in 2011.

The chef has appeared in more than forty reality shows in her entire TV career but some of the honourable mentions are like Food Network Star, The Next Iron Chef, The Best Thing I Ever Made, Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell, Rachel Ray, Guilty Pleasures, Beat Bobby Flay and all of this has added to her net worth to get it huge and we believe that her net worth increases furthermore in 2017 due to increasing sponsors and endorsements to her shows.

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