Know Late Novelist J. D. Salinger' Family, Children, Married Life, Divorce, Relationship, and Death

The Great Novelist J.D. Salinger is no more with us, died at the age of 91. Salinger got married thrice and divorced twice in his lifetime. About children, Salinger had two sons and two daughters.


J.D. Salinger was one of genius personality in the American history. He was the Great Novelist and authored many famous books which were also featured in the movies. As said earlier, he got married thrice and divorced twice and had four children. He also wrote some of the beautiful and inspiring quotes. Let us know more about Salinger's family, children, and death.

The Great Novelist J.D. Salinger's Family and Children

J.D. Salinger was born in Manhattan, New York, U.S and was the son of Sol Salinger and Miriam Jillich. His father Sol was also known as Solomon. 

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CAPTION: J.D Salinger when he was a young man SOURCE: The New Yorker

We all know that the Great Novelist got married thrice. His faith in life was he got divorced from two of his wife. Sylvia Welter was his first wife. They tied the knot in 1945 in Germany. Later he brought her to America in 1946, and after spending eight months together in the U.S, Salinger and Sylvia got divorced in 1947 and Sylvia returned to Germany.

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CAPTION: J.D Salinger and Sylvia Welter holding hands together SOURCE: Cabrini College Salinger Project -

Later in February 1955 at the age of 35, Salinger got married to Claire Douglas who was the daughter of Art Critic Robert Langton Douglas. J.D Salinger and Claire Douglas had two children together; daughter Margaret Salinger and son Matthew Salinger who is an American actor.

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CAPTION: Matthew Salinger, son of J.D. Salinger SOURCE: Listal

After the marriage, both Salinger and Matthew initiated the path of Kriya Yoga. Walking in the path of Kriya Yoga they got the situation of distance.

According to Margaret book Dream Catcher, Claire felt that her daughter had replaced her in Salinger's affection, so Claire intended to murder her daughter, Margaret, and suicide but Salinger later persuaded her to return to Cornish. With all the dramatic story between Salinger and Claire, they got divorced in 1967.

CAPTION: Claire Douglas, second wife of J.D. Salinger SOURCE: The Douglas Archives - Ning

Again, in 1998, Salinger got married to a nurse and quiltmaker Colleen O'Neill. She was 40 years junior to Salinger. O'Neill once said that she and Salinger were trying to have a child. But they did not succeed what they hoped. Later the Great Novelist J.D. Salinger died in 2010.

Besides, his officially married wives it is also said that he had some other unofficial relationship and had one daughter and a son from his secret love. Despite his secret love and a tragic family relationship, he was close to his daughter Margeret.

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J.D Salinger Died at the age of 91

The great American Nobelist J.D Salinger died on January 27, 2010. He died at his home in New Hampshire of the natural causes.

According to the literary representative of Salinger, he told The New York Times that the writer broke his hip in May 2009. Salinger's literator said that Salinger's death was not the painful one. His third wife/widow Colleen O'Neill and his son Matthew Salinger were the executors of the estate.