Know in Details About Kate Beckinsale's Net Worth, Income source, and Achievements

We are familiar with Kate Beckinsale, aren't we? She is a renowned English actress famous for her role as Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson in the movie Pearl Harbor. With an incredibly successful professional career, how much does Kate Beckinsale earn?

With her amazing acting skills, Beckinsale has already won millions of hearts. Beckinsale's fans are surfing all around to know about Kate Beckinsale's dating life to her net worth, house, earnings, cars collection, and more.

Kate Beckinsale's Career And Net worth

The main source of income of Kate Beckinsale is through her acting career. Beckinsale made her acting debut on in 1991 through the television series Devices and Desires. In 1993, she made her movie debut through Much Ado About Nothing. The movie successfully earned over $22 million at the box office. 

Likewise, Beckinsale starring 1995 movie Cold Comfort Farm grossed the amount of $5 million in US box office. Similarly, in 2000, she starred in the film The Golden Bowl which grossed over $5 million worldwide. 

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Beckinsale's breakthrough came after she portrayed a leading role in the movie war film Pearl Harbor. In that movie, she played the role as Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson alongside Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. The movie commercially grossed $449 million worldwide.

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Moreover, Beckinsale starring romantic comedy Serendipity grossed over $77 million and Laurel Canyon grossed $4 million worldwide. In the same way, she starring movies The Aviator earned over $213 million worldwide.

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Furthermore, the movie Click grossed the highest profit of $237 million worldwide from the production budget of $82.5 million. Well, most of Beckinsale starring movies have successfully grossed over $100 million. 

Throughout her career, Beckinsale has earned a decent amount of money. Beckinsale took the salary of $50,000 for her role in the movie Pearl Harbor.  And her current net worth is $16 million, and her annual income is $3 million. 

Kate Beckinsale's House, Cars Collection, and Pets

A versatile actress Kate Beckinsale currently resides in Los Angeles. In May 2006, Beckinsale bought a house for $3.595 million with 4-bedrooms and four bathrooms, and it covers the area of 3,603 sqft.

[ CAPTION: Kate Beckinsale's house ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

However, Beckinsale was rumored of buying a new home in London. As per the source, Hamptons International was planning to sell six-bedroom double-fronted house to Beckinsale for £2.5 million in 2014.

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Likewise, Beckinsale owns a black Chevy Suburban which she bought for $600,000.

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Furthermore, Beckinsale was once spotted driving a black Pontiac Grand AM car in January 2013 in Los Angeles. The current price of the car is around  $20,000 to $25,000.

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Well, Beckinsale is fond of raising dogs and cats and is often seen spending her time by playing with them. Moreover, she also takes those pets along her while traveling. 

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She owns a dog of Maltese breed whose price is around $600 - $800 and also of Pomeranian which costs about $600-$1,500. Furthermore, Beckinsale owns a Norwegian Forest cat which costs approximately $600 - $800. 

Kate Beckinsale's Awards

In 1997, she won Best Actress award for Shooting Fish. Beckinsale further won British Supporting Actress of the Year in 1999 for The Last Days of Disco.

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Moreover, Beckinsale has also won Spike Guys' Choice Awards for Underworld: Awakening and London Film Critics Circle Award for British Actress of the Year for Love & Friendship. 

Similarly, she has been nominated for several other awards including MTV Movie Awards, People's Choice Awards, Gotham Awards, and many more.