Know American Film Actress Annie Potts's Net Worth, Earnings, Luxurious House, and Career Achievements

March 30, 2018
First Published On: March 30, 2018

The American actress, Annie Potts, who is married to the American film producer and cinematographer, James Hayman, has earned a lot from her work in the TV and filming industry. Can you guess how much net worth she has accumulated in all of her lifetime?


As we have already mentioned, the hot topic for today is the earning estimation of the 65 years old actress Annie Potts. Her filming career has made her millions of dollars. She is living a happily married life with her husband with no worries of cash. Let's just get started with the estimation of the actress' net worth and her career achievements. 

Annie Potts's Net Worth

American TV, film, and stage actress, Annie Potts's net worth is around $8 million. An old actress with that much cash is less to hear of, isn't it?


65 years old actress has earned a huge amount from movies she had done in the past. With her hardwork and determination, the actress has been able to sum up a hefty amount. The sum she earned seems really high. The actress has always been a fan favorite since day one. We all know, how she earned her net worth, don't we?

Earnings of Annie Potts' Movies

The actress has featured in lots of movies and TV shows. She has earned a very high sum of money from such films. Let's have a look at how some of her movies earned at the box office.

Movies Box Office Earnings
Corvette Summer $36,479,000
Ghostbusters  $229.1 million
Pretty in Pink $40,471,663
Texasville $2,268,181

Annie Potts's Luxury Home

Talking about the house of Annie Potts', it's located at the Sherman Oaks, California. The house is made of 2,194 square feet of land. The house had an original cost of $1.495 million, but, Annie was so in love with the house that she paid more than what it's worth as she paid $1.61 million for the house

CAPTION: Annie Potts house: Swimming pool SOURCE: Variety
CAPTION: Annie Potts house: Living Room SOURCE: Variety
CAPTION: Annie Potts house: Living Room SOURCE: Variety

The house has an L-shaped living and dining room with massive fireplace and built-in bookshelves. The dining room is also accessible from the yard outside with a glass slider. The kitchen has white marble toppings and stainless steel appliances with a small informal space for dining.

Annie Potts Career Achievements 

She, with her bold and unique way of acting, made her way to being an actress with the movie Black Market Baby during 1977. Since then, she has played in so many movies and TV shows, it's tough to keep figures of. In the Hollywood industry, Annie Potts stays as an early boomer as she was nominated for New Star of the Year - Actress in 1978 just a year after her debut. 

CAPTION: Annie Potts SOURCE: Deadline

The actress couldn't win the award but, it led to another award for her. Later in 1981, she achieved the Genie Awards for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress for the movie Heartaches. She has also been nominated for other two awards but, luck failed her both times. 

All in all, the actress is more than happy to live her life lavishly with her producer husband.