Know American Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland's Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, House, and Cars Collection

35 years old  American Ballet dancer Misty Copeland receives an impressive amount of salary which helps her to upgrade her net worth. Besides, dancing, she is also an actress, model, writer, and businesswomen which helps her to collect a huge amount of earning.


An American ballet dancer Misty has won a Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award as the best dancer in Southern California. She has also written two autobiographical books and narrated a documentary related to her career challenges. Let's us know more about Misty Copeland's net worth, salary, earnings, house, and cars collection.

Misty Copeland's Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

Misty is a famous professional ballet dancer. Misty Copeland's salary is around $60,500 annually. Well, speaking of Misty Copeland's net worth, her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

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CAPTION: Ballet dancer Misty Copland in her dance move SOURCE: Atlanta Black Star

Misty started gaining her priority since her childhood as she was given a professional offer when she was 13 years of age. Starting professional career since a young age, she has worked very hard for her achievements and has now been an inspiration for the people today. Her inspiring video was uploaded to youtube.

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YouTube: Misty Copeland's Motivational Video

Besides her professional dancing career, Copeland is also involved in several endorsements. She featured herself in T-mobile's ads for the Blackberry in 2010 and Dr.Pepper in 2013. She also became the Spokesperson for the project Pile. She was also the Brand Ambassador for Seiko in 2015Copeland is also often seen advertising the Under armor product via her Instagram.

CAPTION: Misty Copeland advertising her under armor product via Instagram SOURCE: Instagram

Misty is also very skillful and talented writer. She was able to win an award for her book. She wrote three books till now. Misty started writing books from 2014. She published her first book Life in Motion, which gained a lot of appreciations and secondly, she wrote an award-winning book Firebird and in 2017 she published her new book Ballerina Body.

CAPTION: Misty via Instagram advertise her book Life In Motion SOURCE: Instagram

Misty is also a very talented actress and won awards from the movies as well. She has appeared in several music videos and movies.

YouTube: Misty Copeland's Movie Trailer

With these many facts, we can be sure that the multi-talented Copeland is very rapidly growing her source of earnings and collecting a huge net worth.

Misty Copeland's Cars Collection and House

Misty is not often seen in changing cars but we can assume that she is not much fascinated towards a personal vehicle. We can be sure that she owns an expensive car.

CAPTION: Misty Copeland's car collection SOURCE:

Misty is a secret keeping person. Beside of her career, there is no more information about her personal life. Therefore, there is no any information about the house. Looking at her earnings and net worth we can guess that she probably owns an expensive home.