Knots Landing' actress Donna Mills shares her Sexual Harassment Story

An American actress Donna Jean Miller famous as Donna Mills has already spent over five decades in the entertainment industry . As per her experience, she has seen all the sides of the entertainment world. While all the sexual harassment and allegations cases are popping out in the headlines, she also came forward to speak about it.

Knots Landing' actress revealed that during the early days of her career, she also went through several incidents of sexism. But fortunately, she was able to navigate out of all those situations. Read more:

Knots Landing' actress Donna Mills shares her Sexual Harassment Story

These days, if we check out the news, it's all about sexual harassment and allegation cases. A new name gets added to the list and makes people curious; who's NEXT?

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In the same context, Donna Mills stood forward and spoke the experiences she went through during her early career. When Mills first started her career, she did not have an agent thus had to look in the paper Backstage for casting news. She shared her story with Yahoo Lifestyle and said that the story of the play was scary and was some kind of sex thing. But within a minute you're there.

Donna Mills Donna Mills    Source: gotceleb

Lucky, Mills did not have to face any wrong phase and was able to navigate out of all those situations. She also explains about how the campaigns like #MeToo just came with the territory in the industry.

Once when she managed to avoid the advances of the men time and again, she explains that her mind fills with the thought of Al Capp who faced similar allegations from Goldie Hawn and many others. His sexual misconduct was documented in Hawn's memoir.

Once Al Capp called Mills for a role of Daisy Mae in his new show, she went to his apartment where he was all naked. She said:

I fled from there, crying and hysterical. But apparently, Al did it to many, many, many girls.

Donna Mills Donna Mills       Source: popbuff

Mills furthermore added that during those period sexism and harassment in the workplace are not disclosed. She says that she does not remember anything wrong happening to her and her colleagues during her acting world but believes that bad behavior does come from the people in power.

Mills claims that she feels happy when the women are standing up for themselves now and are talking about the misconduct they went through.