Donna Mills looking for a boyfriend who gets along with her daughter Chloe??

Chloe Mills was only four days old when she was adopted by actress Donna Mills. It must’ve been in the year 1994. Mills has never married anyone in her whole life. And now that she has reached the age of 76, this charming woman still shows no signs of marrying.

The actress had long decided against getting married and bearing children. If she wanted, she could have easily conceived a child of her own but she chose to adopt an African-American child and gave her a new life.

On September 13, 2017, mom Donna Mills shared a deep message to her daughter, Chloe, on her 23rd birthday with some beautiful flashback photos of them when she was little to her Instagram page.

“My (not so little) angel turned 23 today!” Mills wrote. “Watching you grow up has been the greatest blessing in life. Celebrating you today and every day, my bunny.”

The blue-eyed beauty and her now 23-year-old daughter currently live together in an English-style cottage in LA's Brentwood neighborhood. The mother and daughter duo share a life of tranquility.

Donna posted a picture with her daughter in her Instagram and Twitter account.

I took a little social media break over Christmas to be with family. I have tons of wonderful memories to share! Here is a great shot of Chloe and me at our Christmas party!

Donna had some love affairs

It has been reported on several occasions that the Knots Landing fame is in a long time relationship with Richard Holland. But it is not clear whether the couple is still together or not. Various media outlets have said that the actress has been in a very lengthy romantic affair with Holland, who was her associate producer in My Name is Kate. The couple has been together for quite a long time and they are usually seen together in various award shows and functions.

Furthermore, the duo attended 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Years together. Mills and Holland posed for pictures where Holland was seen putting his arm around her waist and they seemed extremely happy to be in each other’s embrace.

The movie My Name is Kate came out in 1994. So if we assume they started dating then, they’ve been together for 20 years. But we’re still not sure if they are even together.

But latest rumor about Donna Mills’ desire to have a boyfriend has sparked speculation that the actress and her alleged lover have split. According to various sources, the actress is currently looking a man in her life who could easily get along with her daughter Chloe. So, this rumor seems to confirm the breakup between Mills and Holland, who were leading a very hushed up love life.

In a rare old interview, Mills had revealed that she was dating someone special but refused to talk about it. The never-wed beauty also said that she didn’t care about getting married. So was Holland her special someone? And if so, did they break up because of her lack of commitment to marriage? Or was Holland not a fatherly figure for Chloe?

It seems that the ‘Play Misty for Me’ star does not have any intention of having a husband anytime soon. But she does want a partner who would be a father figure to her adopted daughter.

Besides acting the diva has also released The Eyes Have It, an instructional video for achieving several different makeup looks in 1986. She also released her own line of cosmetics of the same name.

The actress has also been heavily criticized for going under the knife to achieve a young look. The sexy actress allegedly underwent plastic surgery procedures which made her look younger than any other celebrities in Hollywood.

Botox, facial reconstruction and neck lift have helped her achieve the look of a charming young woman of 35 even at the age of 76.