Khloe Kardashian Speechless Comment To The Remark, True Is The Proof O.J's Her Biological Father

May 14, 2018 by arjun

Khloe Kardashian simple comment left a fan speechless who says True is the proof O.J Simpson’s her biological father.


A Fatal Fault in the fans crazy theory.

Keep Up With Kardashian star Khloe Kardashian proves she doesn’t suffer fools when she got frenzy over a follower comment that the newborn True Thompson is the proof that O.J Simpson is her real father.


Baby true ????

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Khloe is long-rumored to have been fathered by Simpson, who shut-down the rumors saying “I have nothing to do with it.”

And several social media users have a misconception when it comes to the True’s skin color, suggesting Khloe that OJ is her dad.

A user recently commented, “her daughter is Black which proves that OJ Simpson is Khloe’s dad.”

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CAPTION: Khloe Kardashian Speechless Comment To The Remark, True Is The Proof O.J's Her Biological Father SOURCE: Twitter

Mean…her dad is black silly. That’s why she’s black baby,” Khloe responded to the comment.

Khloe’s reply came after she took IG and Snap chat on Saturday, May 12, morning to share the first adorable video of baby girl True with flower filter. In the video, she captioned “Happy one Month True.”


????Happy One Month True ????

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In Keep Up With the Kardashian Khloe denied to take a paternity test in 7 seasons after Robert’s ex-wife, Ellen Kardashian and widow Jan Ashley claimed the late attorney told them he wasn’t Khloe's real father.

OJ Simpson and his wife Nicole was a close friend of Rob and Kris. And he was also represented by Robert during his murder trial.

Whatever the people say, she doesn’t care as she believes her biological father is Robert Kardashian and Kris support her decision.