Kevin Durant Will Miss The Next Two Weeks After Collision With Karl-Antony Towns

March 18, 2018

After the collision, Kevin Durant will miss the next two week but Karl-Antony Towns makes more history.


Warriors star Kevin Durant out at least 2 weeks with a fractured rib, announced by the team on Friday. As per the Friday MRI, the NBA professional basketball player has an incomplete fracture and he will be re-evaluated after two weeks.

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According to Durant, he got hit in his ribs with Karl-Antony Towns at Minnesota on 11 March 2018 and sore for a couple of days before feeling the pain again on Wednesday match.  Playing against Lakers in Wednesday he “felt something stretched and pull” when hustled.  

Though he to tried worked out it took plenty of time to loosen up. And the following days he experienced noticeable discomfort. This was the type of injury he never had previously.

He hopes to see the better result next week. As he got more couple of weeks he will be trying to get healthier by that time.

While Karl-Antony Towns continues to make history and he did not have major injuries from the collision with Durant.

On 17 March 2018, against Spurs he makes his entry seeking 7 points to earn fourth NBA player title with 5k plus career point & 25k plus rebounds before 23rd birthday since 1963-1964. He put his 7 points in his pocket after hitting a free throw in the second quarter.