Dick Vitale Unfolds things about Kyrie Irving And Brad Stevens

February 15, 2018 by arjun

Basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale unfolds about professional basketball player Kyrie Irving and basketball head coach Brad Stevens before Wednesday late-night game between Boston Celtics & Los Angeles Clippers.  


The conversation went exactly the way a legendary college basketball analyst expects. During the time of the conversation, he felt more energetic than a 78 years old Vitale. Vital opens up about the professional basketball player and Head coach in an entertaining way.

About Kyrie Irving, Rookie of the year in 2011 NBA draft

 When Vitale saw Kyrie Irving playing for the first time he knew that he was a superstar. Vitale did few games including his first game on national television.

[ CAPTION: Kyrie Irving ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Vital told “Let me tell ya, I was well aware of Kyrie Irving. He played at St. Patrick in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I grew up in New Jersey and it’s always been part of my life, and a buddy called me up and said, ‘Wait until you lay eyes on this kid.”

Vital continued he remember the moment when Mike Krzyzewski told that Irving was special.  Irving meets Vitale expectation.

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He added “I’ll tell you this though because I’m going to admit it on the broadcast. I was dead wrong about the trade (when the Celtics sent Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, a No. 1 draft pick via the Nets, and Ante Zizic to the Cavaliers for Living).”

About Brad Stevens, things that make his good coach

Vitale is really impressed with Brad Stevens and his coaching. Vitale unfolds “He doesn’t get too high or too low and that’s fantastic and hard to do, especially in the NBA.”

“Having coached in the NBA, I can tell you I would have never lived to age 50 if I stayed in the NBA. This is my 39th year calling college basketball, and I’m undefeated in 39 years!”

[ CAPTION: Brad Stevens ][ SOURCE: mensfitness ]

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Vitale has coached UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke & won every game. He never thought in dreams that Stevens will make the transition to the NBA. He did not doubt his talent but thought so due to the few rumors that he will stay as a college coach.

Vitale in the conversation told he watched Stevens since he was a college coach and he does really well that’s why the players love him.