Kendra Wilkinson's Love Diaries: An Inside Peek into Her Relationship History

Kendra Wilkinson is a well-known realtor, American TV star, and former Playboy model. You might remember her as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends in the past. But nowadays, she's living life as a single woman and enjoying every moment of it. 

Wilkinson is a familiar face in the world of entertainment, and she's done some cool stuff you might remember. She was part of a TV show called "Kendra Sells Hollywood." She's also known for the TV series "The Girls Next Door." Besides, she has also been featured in the music video of Nickelback's "Rockstar," and Akon ft. Eminem's "Smack That."

Wilkinson Is A Single Woman Today

Kendra Wilkinson is leading a solo life these days, and she's not in a rush to change that. She's been open about how she's more into browsing real estate listings than going on dates right now. It seems like she's focusing on finding the perfect place to call home and making her life exactly the way she wants it to be. 

KendraKendra Wilkinson in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Kendra Wilkinson Instagram @kendrawilkinson

Wilkinson has shared a little frustration with us too. She mentioned that her direct messages, or DMs for short, are constantly filled with messages from guys. The realtor finds it quite annoying. She has made it clear that she is not looking for a man in her life at the moment.

Previously Talked About Her Fear Of Being Single 

Kendra has been pretty open about her feelings when it comes to being single. She once shared her fear of being alone on her Instagram, especially after her split from Hank Baskett. It's completely natural to have such concerns, as being on your own after a significant relationship can be challenging. 

The former nude model, Wilkinson shared some deep thoughts with her followers. She talked about how saying goodbye to her past life has been tough, almost like a brutal process. She also said that she felt like she needed to see this period as a chance to start fresh, like being reborn. But there's also the strong desire to bring back the good times from the past. It's good to see her doing well now.

Used To Be Married To Hank Baskett

Wilkinson and Baskett's love story had its share of twists and turns. They were once a married couple, saying their vows at the iconic Playboy Mansion on June 27, 2009. What's quite surprising is that they got engaged just six months into their relationship in 2009, showing that sometimes, love moves fast. 

HankKendra Wilkinson with her ex-husband, Hank Baskett SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel

However, despite the early excitement, Wilkinson and Baskett faced challenges in their marriage. After nearly a decade together, they decided to part ways on February 22, 2019. Like any relationship, theirs had its highs and lows, and while it didn't last forever, it's a chapter of the former Playboy model's life that many people still remember.

Wilkinson' Former Husband Cheated On Her

Kendra went through a tough period in their marriage that eventually led to their divorce. The reason behind her split from the former NFL player, Baskett was a significant hurdle in their relationship. In 2014, it came to light that he had been involved in an affair with a transgender model, as mentioned in an article from People.

The situation got even more complicated and hurtful for Kendra. It is so as she found out about her husband cheating while she was eight months pregnant with their daughter, Alijah. Discovering such a betrayal during a time when a couple should be coming together must have been incredibly painful for her. 

Baskett's explanation for his cheating involves a strange encounter in a parking lot. He approached a couple for marijuana, received an address, and upon arrival, found two transgender women making out. Feeling frozen and shocked, one of the women touched him inappropriately. He insisted he didn't engage in any further activities and just wanted to leave the situation quickly. The two patched things up as they didn't divorce until 2019.

Infamous Relationship With Hugh Hefner 

Wilkinson had a significant chapter in her life when she dated Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine. Their relationship started back in 2004 and lasted until they decided to go their separate ways in 2009. She was only 18 years old when she started dating Heffner who was 78 years old at the time.

It was a noteworthy part of Wilkinson's journey, as her status as Hefner's girlfriend gave her a lot of fame at the time. Their relationship was even featured in a reality TV series called "The Girls Next Door."

Didn't Know Much About The Playboy Mansion

When Kendra Wilkinson first entered the famous Playboy Mansion, she was just 18 years old and didn't know much about this iconic place. Imagine stepping into such a legendary and glamorous world at such a young age. 

When Kendra initially moved into the Playboy Mansion, she probably didn't fully realize that it meant more than just living in a lavish place. It also meant being in a relationship with the man behind Playboy himself, Hefner, as mentioned in an article from USA Today. 

Why Did Wilkinson Joined The Playboy Mansion?

In the early days of her journey as a Playboy Bunny, Wilkinson was all about having a good time and enjoying the party scene. It was a wild and exciting experience for her. When Hefner asked her to be one of his girlfriends and live in the famous mansion, she didn't fully understand what it entailed. But she enthusiastically embraced the opportunity. Back then, she was living in a small apartment and praying for something to change her life. 

TheThe Playboy Mansion SOURCE: Insider Business YouTube Channel

Kendra has opened up about her time at the Playboy mansion with Millie Williams' ex-husband, Hefner, She had just finished high school at the time and didn't know much about what she was getting into. For instance, she didn't know sex was involved. 

Fortunately, there was no obligation to be intimate with Hefner. It was a personal choice, and the women had the freedom to decide for themselves. Kendra left the place after she got engaged to Hank. The Playboy founder wasn't mad about their relationship and even allowed them to marry in his mansion.

Did Kendra Cheat On Her Ex-Husband?

Kendra Wilkinson's secret meeting with her ex-boyfriend, Merriman, definitely added some drama to her life. This incident took place in San Diego, where she went alone, leaving her then-husband Hank Baskett at home with their baby. 

Kendra had an appearance at a club, and that's where Shawne happened to be. It's the kind of situation that can make anyone feel a bit uneasy, especially when secrets are involved. 

Shawne Merriman Was Her First Known Relationship

Kendra Wilkinson's first known public relationship was with the former NFL player Shawne Merriman, dating back to 2007. Seems like she has a thing about footballers. Their romance was marked by its ups and downs, making it quite a rollercoaster ride for both of them. 

ShawneKendra Wilkinson's ex-partner, Shawne Merriman SOURCE: The Fighter and The Kid YouTube Channel

Merriman, often known as "Lights Out," is a former American football linebacker who made quite a name for himself in the National Football League (NFL). He had an impressive career, with significant stints playing for the San Diego Chargers from 2005 to 2010. He later played for the Buffalo Bills from 2010 to 2012. He was originally selected 12th overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 2005 NFL Draft. 


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