29 Years Old American Journalist Katie Pavlich Living a Lavish Life; Know her Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, Books, Career, and Achievements

An American journalist, Katie Pavlich, who is widely known for her work as an online news magazine reporter at Townhall.com has earned lots of money through her skill in different sectors including authorship and political commentating.


After completing the bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism in 2010 and jumping to the career since that time, she has contributed a lot in the field of journalism till now. Today we will discuss how much money she has collected to her bank account till now and what property she has own. Have a look at this article until the end as we are going to disclose it all.

Katie Pavlich's Net Worth

As we all know that, a journalist who keeps on taking care of people and raising voice for everyone always failed to share his or her personal thing to others. Katie who has joined Fox News channel since 2013 has also not shared about the exact earning of hers. But there is no doubt that she must have collected huge amount through her different career.

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CAPTION: Katie Pavlich SOURCE: Heightline

Since, she has found success through her books, and also from her anchoring job, she has made a lot through her career. The average salary paid by the Fox News Channel to their anchors is between $50 thousand to $90 thousand. Hence, since, Katie has been working there for more than 5 years, she should have collected around $2 to $3 million. 

Katie Pavlich's Earnings through books

Katie Pavlich is mostly known as the author of her book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up. The book is currently at a price of around $12 for its Kindle and Hardcover editions. 

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CAPTION: Katie Pavlich's book SOURCE: Amazon

Similarly, she also has another book called the Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women. The book is all about the truth behind the real war on women. This book is currently priced at $10 and $18 for is Kindle and Hardcover editions in the US market. 

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CAPTION: Katie Pavlich's book SOURCE: Simon & Schuster

Katie Pavlich's Lavish Lifestyle

The Journalist, Katie seems to be an animal lover as we saw lots of her picture with a different animal, mostly with her dogShe has a dog of the Labrador breed to whom she caters a lot. Her, most of the post, is regarding for love to her dog. She spends lots of money to feed and maintain the dog's lifestyle.

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CAPTION: Katie Pavlich with her dog SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Katie Pavlich with her dog SOURCE: Instagram

As per the US market, the price of Labrador is around $2000-$2500. She is also an Apple user. She uses the iPhone 8 which costs around $700 in the US market.

CAPTION: Katie Pavlich taking selfie SOURCE: Instagram

Besides this, she loves to enjoy her vacation in the different country with her partner. As we can see lots of her picture in different places. Have a look at few pictures:

CAPTION: Katie Pavlich enjoying in China SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Katie Pavlich enjoying boating SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Katie Pavlich enjoying a vacation with family SOURCE: Instagram

Ten Facts about Katie Pavlich

1. Katie Pavlich was born as a Catherine Merri Pavlich.
2. She was born on July 10, 1988, in Arizona.
3. She started her career at the age of 21.
4. She was raised in the mountainous area of Arizona.
5. She developed the interest in hunting and rafting since her early age. 
6. Katie Pavlich's net worth is around $2 million. 
7. She is not only a journalist but also a political commentator and author. 
8. She was the Woman of the Year in 2014. 
9. In 2013, she was also named the Blogger of the Year at CPAC. 
10. She also received a 2013 Conservative Leadership Award.