Katarina Witt has been in Relationships with Andreas Ruter; Know about her Dating History and Affairs

If you are interested in and follow skating, you surely have already come across the name Katrina Witt. She is a famous German Skater who was born in Staaken, East Germany back in 1965. Till date, she has already won some gold medals in several skating championships. So, is Katarina Witt dating anyone or is she still single?


But today, we are not here to talk about her professional life and career success. Rather, we will be talking about her love life. She was once said to be in a relationship with Andreas Ruther, are they still together? How is their relationship? To know everything in detail, keep on reading.

Katarina Witt's Relationship with Andreas Ruther

We have heard about Katarina Witt's professional career but she has almost kept her personal life out of the limelight. The success she’s received as a skater is legendary, but she has not been able to be half as successful with her love life. Till date, she is said to be in a real relationship just once, and that was with Andreas Ruter.

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Katarina and Andreas were together back in the year 2008, but then they couldn’t stay as girlfriend boyfriend for long. They started dating in April 2008 and got separated after two months on June same year.

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Although they could not together for long, the two months they spent together was special for them. Witt expressed in many interviews that she was very happy being in a relationship with Andreas. However, just like her other short past relationships, this too didn’t last long, and they eventually broke up.

Why can’t Katarina match with anyone?

All these unsuccessful relationships lead us to the question, why can’t Katarina hold on to a man? It is not that she is not physically normal or pretty, she is an eye-catcher. There are also no rumors of her being a lesbian. So what might be the reason behind it?

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While she was asked the reason behind it, she revealed that,

For me, this is particularly difficult because I travel constantly and experience a lot. I have a great urge for independence and freedom.

So it looks like she is happy with her single life and that she is giving most of her time for her professional career because of which she hasn’t been able to give much time for a guy in her life.