German Soccer player Robert Huth, who signed a contact with Leicester City this summer, shows amazing game

With Leicester City topping the league this Christmas, a phenomenon no football fan on the planet could have predicted, the team has been creating quite a stir in the world of football.

Leicester, in some way, owes their recent awesome spell to their defender Robert Huth, who has literally been the back bone of the team.

In most of the crucial wins for Leicester this season, Robert played a very important role. He has managed to make precision tackles and interception without which Leicester could easily have lost many games.

Leicester, this season, has won many games by a mere margin of just a goal in more than six occasions. And in all of them, if not for Robert, the crucial three points bagged by Leicester could have been easily robbed from them by other teams.

Although Leicester has been giving most of the credit to their to attacking players Vardy and Mahrez, fans have noticed that the real hero was Robert for his solid , wall like defending against some of the best players in the league.

Many have begun stating that Robert is currently the most valuable player of the team even though he has not received the attention he deserves.

Robert has time and again managed to show case his excellent defending skill against players like Diego Costa, Wayne Rooney and other spectacular players in the league.

Fans have already nicknamed Robert as the rock of Leicester. After taking up the role of central defender in the team, he has led Leicester to eleven wins with five draws and only one loss so far in the season.

Their brilliant form has also given hope to Leicester fans that they might be seeing their team play in Europe next season.

So far, the team which has been leading the league by Christmas has always gone on to finish in the top four of the league, enabling them to play European football next season.

Prior to joining Leicester Robert, he used to play in the Stoke City team. He was a veteran having played 188 games for the team. His current contract with Leicester was signed at the start of the 2015-16 seasons.

Financial status and Net worth

He is currently on loan for a season and his association will end next year. However, coaches and management of the team have said they are making plans to have him on a permanent basis on the team.

When Robert began playing league games for Leicester, they went on a winning streak of seven games. This saved them from relegation last season and we now have seen them on the top of the league for the first time in their history.

Robert’s current salary is $2.08 million pounds per year. He is expected to get a huge raise this coming transfer window on January.

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