Kanye West shows his soft side in his upcoming ALBUM; Forgives the man responsible for his beloved mother's death

Kanye West has already proved that he is a perfect husband, a perfect father, and now undoubtedly perfect son. West is now putting the man responsible for his beloved mother’s death on his album cover.


West explains that it’s an act of forgives and is the beginning of what he believes to make a peaceful world.

Recently, Kanye West just shared a photo of the text between him and Wes, and included a photo of plastic surgeon Jan Adams. He explained that the picture would be on his cover art and the name of his new album is “Love Everyone.”

CAPTION: Kanye West shares a photo of the text between him and W SOURCE: TMZ

Plastic surgeon Jan Adams performed breast reduction surgery with liposuction and other several producers on Kanye West’s mother Donda West back in 2007. Just after a day of surgery, Donda passed away.

Later, the coroner revealed that the death was linked to the coronary issues caused by the surgeries. In the recent interview, West said:

It's essential that people start removing the hate from their heart.

West also revealed that the main point of the album cover is to forgive and stop hating people from their heart.

The cover of the album is an olive brand to Adams. West also claims that he would like to meet and talk to him.

Now, Kanye West feels that the hatred caused by the social media and the traditional media is leading to World War III and now he believes that everyone needs to open their eyes to know the exact situation going around the world.