Joyce DeWitt's Love Journey: A Look At Her Husband And Boyfriend List

Joyce DeWitt is an actress and comedian renowned for her role as Janet Wood on the popular sitcom "Three's Company." She is currently single and has chosen to keep details about her love life private. 

Despite her fame in the entertainment industry, DeWitt has maintained a low profile when it comes to discussing her relationships. Let's see what we know about her love life.

The Actress Has Never Married

Joyce DeWitt has chosen a path of singlehood throughout her life. She has never been married. The actress has kept the reasons behind her decision to remain single private, preferring to maintain a level of mystery about her personal life. 


Joyce DeWitt in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

DeWitt remains steadfast in her choice and redirects her energy towards her life and career. With a strong focus on her professional endeavors, she has carved a successful niche for herself in the entertainment industry. 

Joyce was born on April 23, 1949, and is currently 74 years old. It seems highly unlikely that we'll witness her entering into marriage at this stage in her life. Having dedicated many years to her acting career, she has chosen to keep her personal life away from the public eye. 

Past Relationships And Rumors

LeVar Burton

There were rumors that Joyce DeWitt and LeVar Burton had a brief romantic relationship in the early 80s. It is believed they dated for a few months. According to the story, the actress managed to keep the relationship a secret from her parents, as they disapproved of the interracial relationship until they eventually discovered the connection. 

The revelation led to a mutual decision to end the relationship, but the exact reasons behind their break-up remain unconfirmed. Whether this was the reason or if there were other factors involved, remains speculative.

Joyce and LeVar crossed paths in 1979 when they collaborated on an episode of "The Osmond Family Circus." The show provided a platform for them to showcase their talents, and they appeared together in an episode.

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Randolph Mantooth

There have been persistent rumors suggesting a romantic connection between Joyce and Randolph Mantooth. Some even speculate that they were engaged at one point. 


Randolph Mantooth in Emergency! SOURCE: Pinterest

However, it's essential to approach this information with caution as there is no concrete evidence to confirm whether DeWitt and Mantooth dated or not. The details surrounding their alleged relationship remain shrouded in mystery. Fans must take such information with a pinch of salt, recognizing that speculation and gossip may not always reflect reality.

Ray Buktenica 

There have been reports suggesting that Joyce DeWitt and Ray Buktenica were romantically involved in the past, as mentioned in an article from The U.S. Sun. However, the exact timeline of their alleged relationship remains unclear. The actress, in keeping with her private nature, has not disclosed any details about their dating history. 

Like her approach to other aspects of her personal life, Joyce has chosen to maintain a level of secrecy regarding her relationships. Fans may be curious about the nature of her connection with Ray, but without any official confirmation or details from the individuals involved, the specifics of their past relationship remain a mystery. 


Joyce DeWitt and Ray Buktenica in The Love Boat (1976) SOURCE: Pinterest

Joyce and Ray not only share a rumored romantic history but also a professional connection through their work on "The Love Boat." In 1979, she made a guest appearance on the show, portraying the character Jackie Landers in a single episode. 

Coincidentally, Buktenica had a more substantial presence on "The Love Boat." He appeared in a total of three episodes. The collaborative effort on the popular TV series provides an interesting layer to their relationship. 


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