Actress Holland Taylor open up about why she never married or had children

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Holland Taylor was a crucial member of the Two and a half men show. She played the role of Charlie and Allen’s mother, a role which she nailed to the board. Holland was a beauty in the seventies and eighties America and had a number of suitors, whom she could have married, but decided not to.

Holland has offered no apologies to the numerous men she dated and was involved with through the years for not settling down, not getting married and having no children. She has said that she never had the time with the lifestyle she was living.

However, she did mention that she always thought she would be married and settled down by now. But she was never really ready for any of it in reality and followed the prior statement by joking and saying “then, again maybe I won’t ever be ready.”

Taylor was on the peak of her career from her mid thirty’s to her early forty’s. She has been on a dizzying pace since her career kick-started. She started off by starring in numerous productions on stage and theater and a number of Movies and TV shows.

Having been busy most of her life, we can now see how being married and starting a family just wasn’t on the script for her.

She has said her single life has made her very happy throughout her life and she doesn’t regret any of them. She considers herself a serial monogamist and has even said that she has never had multiple relationships at anytime on her life as she was always against the idea.

Having been involved in so many any relationship, she mentions only a few of the many could have ended in marriage but for the fact that she decided not to, as that was simply not what she wanted. She has said that if she were ever to have married it would probably have been during her thirties. But again, her thirties were during the eighties and at the time she was basically at sea exploring the different dimensions of life and the various opportunities that came her way.

She also said although at times she feels lonely and wishes she had company, she then snaps out of it and tells her self “I am okay better. I am better than okay at the moment.”

When asked by many of her fans, how she still manages to look so beautiful at such an age, she said it was due to proper diet and exercise. She has dispelled all rumors that she used plastic surgery over the years to look the way she does.

Holland’s career spans over forty years in the industry. She has been a part of over a number of Hollywood’s biggest movies, some of which are One Fine Day, Legally Blonde, The Day Regan was Shot and Spy Kids.

Holland’s net worth is an estimated $25 Million. She does not use Twitter often and can be followed @ HollandTaylor.