Jewel Staite married Charlie Ritchie. Also know her divorce story with Matthew Kevin Anderson

The full name of Jewel Staite is Jewel Belair Staite. She is a Canadian actress who is famous for her fantastic acting in FOX television series as "Firefly." Also, she appeared in numerous movies like "Cheats," "Carpool," "She Who Must Burn" and much more.

Leaving Staite's professional life aside, we will be discussing her personal life. She previously divorced Matt Anderson. So, know about her present relationship and more about her.

Jewel Staite married Charlie Ritchie

"She Who Must Burn" star Jewel Staite is married twice and divorced once. According to Who's Dated Who, Staite started dating Charlie Ritchie since 2012 after her divorce with Matthew Kevin Anderson.

Staite and Ritchie started dating just after a few months of her divorce with her former husband. According to some sites, Matthew Kevin Anderson filed for divorce after knowing about Staite's affair with Charlie Ritchie.

After a couple of years of dating, the couple got engaged in a small ceremony in Staite's hometown Vancouver. Just after a year of their engagement, the couple exchanged the vows on July 23, 2016.

Jewel Staite Married Charlie Ritchie Jewel Staite Married Charlie Ritchie  Source: tumblr

We all know, Staite is quite secretive regarding her personal life thus did not share any of her wedding details. It's still not known how and where the couple tied the knot. The exact information of their wedding ceremony is yet to be disclosed.

Now, the couple shares almost a year of their marital life and still counting on. The couple has not gone through any divorce issues or separation news till the date. We can say that the couple is happily enjoying each other's company.

Jewel Staite and Charlie Ritchie Jewel Staite and Charlie Ritchie  Source: instagram

Jewel Staite and Charlie Ritchie's Children

The couple has a child in total. They were blessed with a child before they tied the knot. Staite gave birth to their first child, Wilder Cathcart Ritchie on December 9, 2015. If you go through their Instagram, their accounts are filled with their son Wilder.

Besides having a busy life, Staite and Ritchie make time to spend with the family and shares each single special moments of their child. Have a look…

Jewel Staite divorced Matthew Kevin Anderson

Everyone might be familiar with Staite's relationship with Matthew Kevin Anderson. According to sources, Staite and Anderson dated back in 2002 and dated for a year till 25th April 2003.

Jewel Staite and Matthew Kevin Anderson Jewel Staite and Matthew Kevin Anderson  Source: bdbphotos

Just after a year of dating, the couple tied the knot on 25th April 2003. The couple shared around eight years and seven months of the marital life together. Their marital journey came to an end after Anderson filed divorce.

Both Anderson and Staite did not reveal the exact reason behind their divorce. However, some sites claim that Staite's affair with Ritchie is the cause of the separation.