Actress Jewel Staite and boyfriend Charlie Ritchie, who are soon to get married, ecstatic about their first born child

Jewel Staite, the popular TV actress who has already been married and divorced once, has recently been engaged to her long time boyfriend Charlie Ritchie.

Jewel and her boyfriend also recently welcomed their first child to the world. Being already thirty three years of age, her son Wilder Cathcart Ritchie is her first child. Wilder was born on 9th December. Charlie shared pictures of Jewel and Wilder on his Instagram profile.

The first pictures were captioned “Wilder Ritchie was born 1:55 am, 8lbs 120z. Mom and baby are very happy and healthy”.  Charlie, over the past three weeks, has shared a number of pictures of Wilder. Last week he shared pictures of Wilder’s first outing.

Jewel and Charlie both are very happy with their new baby and can’t help themselves from taking pictures with cute Wilder. Charlie has also already nicknamed Wilder as “Daddy’s Little Peanut”.

Jewel has introduced Wilder to the world of show business. Wilder has been part of multiple photo shoots over the past two weeks. His most recent photo shoot was for the popular Cowboy Studio.

Jewel, who herself has taken up a keen interest in photography, has taken a number of picture of Wilder for various magazines and internet websites. Jewel’s Instagram profile currently holds over twenty different pictures of Wilder.

Jewel and Charlie began dating just after a few months from the day Jewel divorced her former husband. There were also rumors circulating that Jewel’s former husband filed for divorce after knowing that Jewel was having an affair with Charlie.

Jewel and Charlie were engaged in a small ceremony in Jewel’s home town Vancouver. She, however, has said that she and Charlie are going to make up to all friends who could not attend the engagement by having an extravagant wedding ceremony sometime late next year.

Charlie has said that Jewel, as a girlfriend and as a person, is a source of day to day inspiration for him. She is also one of the strongest willed people he has met so far in his life.

Jewel, as a professional, has been having a wonderful year in 2015. One of her movies “She Who Must Burn“ has already premiered and is considered the best horror movies of the year. She is currently awaiting the release of two of her movies titled,”40 below and Falling” and “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town”. Both the movies are scheduled to release in early spring of 2016.

Jewel comes from a multi-ethnic background. She is of British, Irish, French Canadian and Iroquois ethnicity. She is thirty three years of age and stands at 5 feet 4 inches in height.  Jewel’s net worth remains undisclosed.