Jewel Staite married Charlie Ritchie after her divorce from ex-husband Matthew Kevin Anderson

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has weakness and troubles. From work to personal life we all face a hard time. Even celebrities have a hard time to keep their things up and goes in lots of rough roads. Likewise, with it, know who Jewel Staite married and all her divorce stories.

Celeb life often gets in the light of the media when their personal life creates gossip at the news. Some of them get through marriage and breakups, while some move on to get a new beginning. Find out what happened.

Jewel Statie first marriage

A canadian actress, Jewel Statie who played a role of Fyre in Firefly, she did several TV series and won the heart of millions of people with her amazing acting skills.

Jewel's 'Life behind the Reel' is not good as we expected. Jewel got into a tragic relationship with her former husband Matthew Kevin Anderson.

Jewel Staite, Source: img4

Mathew Kevin Anderson with Jewel Statie. Source: img4

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Like usual couples, everything was going right at first. They dated for ages and finally tied the knot in 2002. All things were going right for this couple but the people were shocked when they divorced in 2012 after almost a decade of their marriage. However, no any reasons are revealed from both sides and it's still a mystery. And to let you guys be aware, they didn't have any child.

Jewel Staite married Charlie Ritchie

After 3 years from her divorce with Matthew, Jewel married Charlie Ritchie in December 9, 2015. After failed married life, she left the past and moved on to a new path. Well, in other hand, Mathew is still single; maybe he doesn't want to move on and still waiting for her to get back to him.

Jewel Staite with her son Wilder Cathcater Ritchie, Source: pbs

Charlie Ritchie and Jewel Staite with their son Wilder Cathcater Ritchi,  Source: 68 media

Now, Jewel is blessed with a beautiful son, Wilder Cathcart Ritchie on December 9, 2015. And they look pretty happy having one another by their sides. Happy ending, eh!