Jessi Cruickshank and husband Evan Gatica are Living Happily Together with their Children

A Canadian TV personality, Jessi Cruickshank, who is mostly recognized as co-host of MTV Canada’s program is married to husband Evan Gatica and leading her life happily. Recently, she has become a mother after giving birth to twin babies.


Well, you may have all guessed what we are going to talk about. Today we are going to talk about the married life of Jessi Cruickshank. Have you heard about her difficulty while giving birth to the twins? You didn’t know? Stick with us and keep reading if you don’t want to miss a single information about Jessi’s private life.

Jessi Cruickshank and Evan Gatica’s married life

Jessi Cruickshank has married to her long-term boyfriend, Evan in June 2014 at the Big Daddy’s Antique in LA in front of their close friends and families.

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According to some tabloids, the couple first met each other in 2008 while attending the wedding of their mutual relative. The couple started dating each other after few days of their first meeting.

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After being in a relationship for a long time and married for more than 3 years, the couple still seems to be madly in love with each other as seen from their social media platforms. After giving birth to their babies, both of them are busy in taking care of them.

Jessi Cruickshank welcomed her twins: Double Trouble

Jessi Cruickshank has welcomed her twins on September 6, 2017, and ended the difficulty of her pregnancy which she was facing for the last nine months. The twins are named Diego Green Gatica and Rio Ross Gatica.

[ CAPTION: Jessi Cruickshank's twin babies ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

She revealed the birth of her twins via her Twitter post. In her Twitter, she stated that she would like to introduce the new little love of her life with a sweet picture of her babies sleeping on her chest.

[ CAPTION: Jessi Cruickshank with her children ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

The twins faced a monochorionic twin disease, a rare condition where one baby gets less space, nutrition, and blood supply and the other gets more of all. The two babies shared a single amniotic sac. To give birth to the babies, Jessi had to go through the trouble of Fetoscopic Laser Occlusion, which made the TV host bedridden. But, through determination, she gave birth to the healthy babies.

Being a woman, one really thinks of conceiving a child to become a mother. Jessi almost lost her twin babies to the cruel illness. But, her love and the attitude of never giving up kept her children alive. The TV host is currently living happily with her husband Evan Gatica after giving birth to a perfectly healthy twin, Diego, and Rio.