Jake Paul Lives In a Lavish House: Is He a Wealthy Man and Has a Huge Net Worth

An American YouTube personality who rose to fame through a now-defunct video application Vine, Jake Joseph Paul is widely known as Jake Paul. Jake first came into the prominence after playing the role of Dirk on Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.


Well, Jake Paul's vines attracted millions of people and have more than 13 million subscribers. So, How much is his net worth and How much does he earn from YouTube? Stay tuned and keep scrolling to know more about Jake Paul.

Jake Paul's Net Worth

What is Jake Paul's Net Worth? If this question has ever engrossed your mind then here is your answer: Jake actually starred in a Disney Channel show called Bizaardvark, Jake and Disney ended up officially parting ways. Even after his Disney career ended, Jake Paul went on to make a good youtube career for himself and now has an estimated net worth of $11.5 million.

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CAPTION: Jake & Logan Paul SOURCE: Hollywood Life

Jake is the younger brother of Logan Paul who initially gained fame when the Vine app was available and in its prime. 

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CAPTION: How Logan and Jake Paul became social media superstars SOURCE: BBC

Jake and Logan have been making Vine Videos popular among youtube audience, which resulted in Jake obtaining over 5 million followers.

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Jake Paul earning from Youtube

If Jake has a shocking net worth it wouldn't tear you apart to find out that his brother Logan's net worth, Logan, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth around $12 million. Logan's Youtube stardom actually outshone his brother's until the suicide forest video incident.

CAPTION: Logan and Jake Paul SOURCE: Trending All Day

Regardless, Logan's net worth is still unbelievably high. Reportedly, he makes $150,000 per Facebook post and $8000 for a sponsored content on his Instagram. We believe Jake Paul should also make a quarter of Logan's in minimum.

Jake Paul Cars Collection

As for the YouTube star Jake Paul Cars, he loves to drive beautiful cars and has a collection of cars which includes Performance Huracan Lamborghini which is worth $274, 390. Also, it is one one of the favorite car among all. Likewise, Jake also has $144,000 Tesla X Model, $35,730 Camo Ford Focus RS, and a 2016 Toyota Tacoma which worth is $34,700. Have a look at a video beliw in context.

YouTube: Jake's Cars collection

Well, he has also gifted a Harley Davidson to his father on a birthday and he reportedly gifted a Rolex watch to his mother which price is $18,200.


Jake Paul House

The 21-years-old social media star Jake has a habit of annoying his neighbors, so anyone who lives in his new $6.9 million mansion which is in Calabasas should be on a high alert.

CAPTION: Jake Paul House SOURCE: Bussiness Insider

Before the mansion was listed for $7.39 million. The mansion is spread in 15,000-square-foot which features high ceiling, large rooms, the entrance leads to a spiral staircase, plenty of space for hanging out, home theater, a kitchen which has four ovens as well as a coffee maker, and a temperature-controlled wine closet.

Jake Paul Lawsuit for the Allegedly damaging Rental Home

The 21-years-old Youtuber Jake is making headlines again and this time it is not making excuses relating to his brother Logan. Tha Younger brother Paul is being sued after allegedly trashing the rental home where he lived in from May to December.

CAPTION: Following Disney Channel Exit, Jake Paul Joins LiveXLiv SOURCE: Tubefilter

According to the TMZ, Jake is being sued by the Cobra Acquisitions LLC, the company that owns the L.A house which was left in the awful condition upon moving out. The company says during the year and a half he used to lived there resulted in substantial damages.

The house, which he rented for $17,495 a month with a security deposit of $40,000, it was left with burn in the pool, destroyed cabinets, and a garden area completely neglected.

Youtube: Jake Paul Lawsuit for the Allegedly damaging Rental Home

When the company rented out the property to the Jake it was claimed he did not explain what his job was. The Youtuber has been known to bee frequently filming stunts in an around the house. 

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Cobra is asking for $2.5 million for the damage, believing the $40,00 deposit will be insufficient to cover the whole costs.