Jaclyn Smith's Love Legacy: A Guide To Her Romantic Entanglements

Jaclyn Smith is an actress particularly famous for her depiction of Kelly Garrett in the TV show “Charlie’s Angels.” She has been blissfully married to Brad Allen. She had been married three times before she met her true love in Brad.

Anthony B. Richmond, Dennis Cole, and Roger Davis were Smith’s prior spouses. She continues to inspire many fans around the world through her successful acting career and personal journey.

Married To Brad Allen

Jaclyn Smith and Brad Allen have been a married couple for more than two decades. They exchanged their wedding vows on October 11, 1997. Their marital journey commenced with a magical candlelight wedding ceremony held at the Westwood Methodist Church in Los Angeles.


Jaclyn Smith and her husband, Brad Allen SOURCE: Jaclyn Smith Instagram @realjaclynsmith

Jaclyn values her relationship with Brad and does not shy away from expressing it to the world. She occasionally gives fans a peek into the love and joy they share on her Instagram, despite her busy schedule.

Allen has dedicated himself to saving lives and improving the health of his patients. He is a highly accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon practicing in Houston, Texas. Before his present job, he worked at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center.

How Did Smith Meet Her Husband?

Smith and Allen’s love story started uniquely. They met when he was employed at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. The husband played a vital role in giving care of Smith’s father, Jack, and even operated on him, as mentioned in an article from Fox News.

Smith’s mother proposed for Allen to walk the actress out of the hospital during her discharge from that facility. Little did they know that this simple action would be the beginning of something beautiful. Soon enough, they were already involved in a romantic relationship.

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Previous Marriages

Anthony B. Richmond

Jaclyn Smith's marriage to Anthony B. Richmond was a significant chapter in her life. It spanned from August 4, 1981, to 1989. However, details about this particular union have not been extensively disclosed by the actress. 


Jaclyn Smith and her third husband, Anthony B. Richmond SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite the private nature of their relationship, it is clear that this period played a crucial role in shaping Jaclyn's journey. Sometimes, individuals choose to keep certain aspects of their lives private, and her decision to not share much about her marriage with Anthony reflects her respect for the personal boundaries of her past. 

Jaclyn and her ex-husband, Anthony share a bond through their two children, as per Hollywood Life. They have a son, Gaston Richmond, born in 1982, and a daughter Spencer Margaret Richmond, born in 1985. As a dedicated mother, she has gracefully balanced her successful career in the entertainment industry with the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. 

Dennis Cole

Smith's connection with her ex-husband, Dennis Cole, began on the set of "Charlie’s Angels." It happened in 1976 when he guest-starred on the popular show. Their on-screen collaboration blossomed into a real-life romance, leading to their marriage on October 29, 1978. 

However, despite the initial connection, Jaclyn and Dennis' journey together took a different turn. They eventually divorced on July 23, 1981

Roger Davis

Jaclyn Smith's first marriage was to Roger Davis. They were together from November 29, 1968, until January 15, 1975. The details of how these two first met are not entirely clear. She has chosen to keep much of the information about her initial marriage private, much like her other relationships. 


Jaclyn Smith and Roger Davis in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite the limited public knowledge surrounding this chapter of Jaclyn's life, it is apparent that their union played a significant role in shaping her personal history. The journey of life often involves various experiences, each contributing to personal growth and resilience, even if not every detail is shared with the public eye.

Past Relationships And Rumors

Reid Smith

Reid Smith, a real estate professional, shared a unique and poignant story about his connection with Smith to People in 1980. According to him, their paths crossed in Beverly Hills one Sunday morning in 1976. 

At that time, Reid attempted to introduce himself, but Jaclyn was not immediately receptive. Undeterred, he decided to buy a house near hers and went to great lengths to obtain her phone number. His feelings for her were deep, but their relationship faced challenges. After a year and a half, Smith left him for her second husband, Dennis Cole. 

Tom Mason

Jaclyn Smith and Tom Mason were rumored to have dated in the past. The speculation arises from their collaboration in the 1992 TV Movie, "Nightmare in the Daylight." In the movie, she portrayed Megan Lambert, and he played the role of Peter Lambert. 

However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Smith and Mason were romantically involved. Sometimes, the lines between on-screen and off-screen relationships can become blurred in the eyes of the public. 


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