Is Scott Hoying Gay or Single? Know about his Relationship and Affairs

We’ve really learned to own who we are and not be afraid of what others think. We want to inspire queer youth, and we’ve had feedback from fans saying we’ve helped or saved them', says Scott Hoying,' says Hoying.

So apparently Scott Hoying is gay. Is the dashing Scott Hoying dating someone? Many people suspect that he is dating Mitch. So let's find if its true.

Scott is a businessman and Mitch is insanely talented

Scott Hoying is irresistibly handsome, too handsome to be gay but on second thought all gay men are handsome. Scott together with his friend (as he says) has a youtube channel called Superfruit, and their channel is quite successful.

Since the duo formed in 2013, Superfruit’s videos have amassed more than 350 million views. They have another channel along with three other members of their acapella group, Pentatonix which is, by the way, their band name too.

[ CAPTION: Pentatonix ][ SOURCE: Billboard ]

Many Scott-Mitch fans wish they were dating, but they are not dating. Scott says Snapchat is just exposing them. When asked how they became close friends, they said,

We were both nerdy, we were both singers, we were both performers, both in the closet…” Their friendship was their biggest comfort while they were still in the closet.

Both are childhood friends, best of friends. We met in theater in Arlington, Texas. Our first play together was Annie.

Mitch says,

Yeah, that’s true too. We know each other so well. I don’t know anybody as much as I know Scott. That bonds us even more despite coming from different backgrounds

Over time, their friendship also grew stronger and unbreakable.

According to mitch, Scott is a businessman, and according to Scott, Mitch is extremely talented which might be true.


Wow. Ok. Cheesy moment...but bear with me. This Bohemian Rhapsody video has been one of the most intense and fulfilling projects of my career yet. From the 6 hours arranging session with @thebenbram and @kolusola, to a midnight choreographing/brainstorm session with @im_lindseyb, @coloredcraig, and @dano_o_ , the grueling overnight 10 hour shoot, I couldn’t be HAPPIER with how it came out. We start on a couch to pay homage to where we started and our original videos, and then we travel down the road to represent the crazy touring and journey we have been on the past 6 years. I have had an emotional 24 hours thinking about how grateful I am for the entire Pentatonix team, what we’ve been through, & how hard so many people worked to make this EP and video happen… & THANK YOU GUYS for sharing and watching and being so sweet as always. I really do love y’all and hope y’all enjoy the EP! :) Link in bio!! ?

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Nope, just best friends. They do not post lovey-dovey pictures rather they always pose as funny characters and videos.

Here's a video of what the duo has to say about them.

On the other hand, his Instagram posts suggest otherwise.

Going through his Instagram pictures he seems to be in love with his boyfriend, Mitch. They are also getting touching a lot lately. See for yourself. 

Look how they share the intimacy. We don't think friends are that close.


Hawaiian sunset with the bestie! ?

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Maybe both are in denial. Perhaps they do not realize now but how long before they will realize that they are meant to be together.

On the other hand, they might be a couple someday. Currently, Scott says he does not have a boyfriend except his best friend and his group members. 


this is me, unavailable to perform in DC this weekend ;)

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Here is something you should know about Scott and his group members. 

They’re an acapella group, not an average group but chart conquerors. The team has amassed success that is unparalleled.

We hope that Scott and Mitch will be a couple anytime soon. When they will, Scotch-Mitch fans will be more than overjoyed.