Is Russell Westbrook a Wealthy Player? Know about his Net Worth, Sources of Income, Salary, and Career Earnings

After Forbes listed Russell Westbrook as one of the top five highest paid-players back in the year 2017, no doubt Russell Westbrook’s net worth is high as hell. Earning a huge amount of money, Westbrook is definitely living a lavish lifestyle.


Today, in this particular topic, get to know each and every detail of Russell Westbrook’s net worth, sources of income, contract extension, lavish lifestyle, salary, and career earnings. Get to know every possible detail about his lifestyle below:

How much is Russell Westbrook’s Net Worth? Sources of Income?

As Russell Westbrook’s name was already listed in the world’s highest paid players in NBA last year, people now have grown a keen interest to know about his net worth.

Well, by the time, Westbrook’s extension is to finish, assuming the terms to stay the same and to paid out in full, he will have earned over $335 million amount in his 16 years tenure in the NBA.

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CAPTION: Russell Westbrook's Net Worth is High SOURCE: PerformGroup

Westbrook signed a biggest total contract in the NBA history of six years tenure for the whopping amount of $223 million. This is the main reason; he is standing tall in the list of wealthiest player in the NBA.

29 years old Russell Westbrook’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million whereas he is earning $41 million as his salary amount. Back in 2016-2017, Russell Westbrook’s net worth was expected to be approximately $41.5 million whereas his salary was calculated to be around $26.5 million. We can see how Westbrook’s net worth is increasing in a great space.

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For your information; American professional basketball player will earn $200,607,292 in his 14 years career so far.

Estimating Russell Westbrook’s net worth only through his NBA contracts would be a great mistake cause, you know the top-tier NBA players earn a huge amount through his endorsements deals more than from the contracts. In the same context, last year, Westbrook alone made $15 million through his Jordan/Nike deal.

Westbrook also earns a huge amount through his endorsement deals with True Religion, Mountain Dew, and Subway is not as lucrative as his shoe deal but is definitely bringing a huge fortune to his net worth.

Russell Westbrook’s Salary and Career Earnings

Speaking of Russell Westbrook’s earnings, he earned over $102, 723,800 throughout his playing career from Oklahoma City. Back in 2008-2009, Russell Westbrook’s salary was estimated to be around $3,493, 680 which increased with the time period. See the table below to know about Russell Westbrook’s salary and earnings.




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Grand Total



As Russell Westbrook is still active in the field, there is no doubt that Russell’s Westbrook’s net worth will get higher in coming days.