Is Mike Rowe Gay? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

Often when the celebrities' dating news doesn't come out in the media, then several rumors spread out like wildfire. Some of the rumors include being gay. Some of them accept it but most of them keep on denying the rumors.

Michael Gregory Rowe aka Mike Rowe was rumored to be gay. But still, this wildfire news seems to be just a rumor. So what is the actual fact about this actor? Is Mike Rowe gay? So what it's all about?

Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Television host and narrator, Working class hero Mike Rowe is famous for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and the CNN series Somebody's Gotta do it.

The 54-year-old Mike had some few records of dates in his past but most of the time he prefers to keep his love life under the shade. As a result, his fan shattered him by accusing him being homosexual.

Despite being such a renowned TV personality, it is very surprising to know Rowe never got linked any of his co-stars or mystery girl. This raised question about the sexuality of the 61-year-old narrator.

Rowe Mike at Dirty Jobs, Source: Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Actually, Rowe is in his 60s and is still unmarried which made everyone suspect him as a gay. Sources claim that he is still single and is not dating anyone else.

As he rarely opens up about his personal life and barely shares anything regarding the relationship and affairs, he is alleged of being gay.

Image result for Mike rowe pic Mike Rowe, source: Pinterest

Wait, we just can't claim anything about his sexuality, we are just going with rumors. Just because he does not share anything about his dating life does not mean he is gay.

In an interview, Mike confirms he will pursue a life of serial monogamy with a very understanding woman in San Francisco.

Besides this, there are also rumors regarding his dating life with Sandy Duston. But as we previously said, he keeps his lips sealed when it comes to his private life.

So is Rowe making his millions of fans curious about his mysterious life? Before we go to any conclusion, we hope Rowe speaks up pretty soon.

Mike Rowe's Past Relationship and Love Affairs

If we surf the internet, there are just a handful of records about this American host. Over the past years, there is very few records of his dating life and relationship affairs record with the media. He might be dating but loved to keep everything behind the curtains.

Danielle Burgio, source:

The rumors of Mike being different are still under the radar as in his past, he dated Danielle Burgio. Burgio is an actor, stuntwoman, and filmmaker. Danielle who has quite a long history of dating Hollywood hunks ended her relationship with Mike after a brief Romance.

Some resources have also claimed Rowe is in a relationship with Sandy Dotson who is an executive at a data management company.

Mike Rowe and Sandy Duston, source: love birds

As there is no any confirmed news with the media, sources claim that Rowe is single. As Rowe's millions of fans are dying over to know his private life including his relationship, dating life, affairs, and current relationship status, we hope he shares his stuff pretty soon.


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