Is Michael Christopher Foley married or single? Know his past affairs

July 5, 2017
First published on:July 5, 2017
by HitBerry

Michael Christopher Foley is a 31-year-old American guy currently working as an associate director in Manhattan. He purchased commercial airtime, for OMD, a division of Omnicom, the advertising company.

But letting all his professional life aside, you guys might hit a bump if you get to know about Christopher's personal side of life. Just so you know, he is gay and is married to Christopher Lucas.

Michael Christopher Foley's married Christopher Lucas

Not all the countries have legalized the gay marriage. If you are a gay by your sexuality and living in a country that legalized the gay marriage then you are few of the lucky couples. Likewise, the advertising company director Michael Foley is a lucky person who is married to Lucas.

Michael Christopher Foley and Christopher Lucas Michael Christopher Foley and Christopher Lucas, Source: