Is Maria Quiban single or married? Is she dating currently after divorce? Know her children too

HitBerryPublished on   23 Jun, 2017Updated on   23 Jun, 2017

Maria Quiban is a weather anchor working for KTTV situated in Los Angeles, California. She studied journalism at the University of Hawaii and later worked for the local NBC affiliate KHNL in Honolulu till 1998.

Not denying the fact Maria Quiban is gorgeous and sexy, people are eager to know her personal life. Have a look at the personal life of Quiban. Know if she is seeing someone or not.

Maria Quiban current affair

As Maria Quiban is beautiful, pretty and has a perfect figure, people started to surf about her. Quiban is too secretive regarding her personal life. She rarely shares her personal events and appears less in the media.

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There are no any rumors of her dating life, so we can say that she is single and not seeing anyone at the moment. After the tragic death of her husband Sean Whitesell, she is believed to be totally focusing on her children and career. She spends her time talking to the single young mothers and encourages them to be successful.

Maria Quiban's Husband is dead

Maria Quiban tied the knot to Sean Whitesell. Whitesell was an American television and film actor, television writer and producer. We previously indicated that Quiban is secretive about her personal life; she has not openly talked about her dating life.

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It's hard to find out the exact date and information of their wedding. They were supposed to spend a healthy marital bond but everything vanished after the death of Sean Whitesell because of Glioblastoma Multiform (brain cancer) on 28th December 2015.

She has not involved in any kind of relationships after the death of her husband Whitsell. In one of the interview, she openly explained that she has no any interest and plans to get married again. We can say that she is happily living with her children.

Maria Quiban's past marriages

As Quiban loves to hide all of her personal information, it's hard to contemplate and talk anything about her. As per some sources, she married thrice and divorced twice. She first tied the knot while she was a teenager. Her first husband is a mystery. In the same year, the couple had a child, Desmond Quiban.

After her divorce with the first husband, she again tied the knot on September 9, 1999, with Brian Messner. However, the relationship did not work out and the couple quit their relation.

She later tied the knot with Sean Whitesell for the third time. Whitesell died of Glioblastoma multiforme thus their relationship ended. Quiban gave birth to their son, Gus Whitesell in 2010.

Maria Quiban's Personal Photo Maria Quiban's Personal Photo  Source: lakana

Maria Quiban is busy with her children and focusing on her career.