Is Katy Tur married? Know about her past relationship with Keith Olbermann

Katharine Bear "Katy" Tur widely known as Katy Tur is an American broadcast journalist. She is working as a correspondent for NBC News based in New York City. Leaving professional career aside, is Katy Tur married to his long-time boyfriend or already broke up?


Katy Tur reports for all the platforms of NBC News like Early Today, WNBC-TV, MSNBC, Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, Today, and The Weather ChannelAfter her news regarding the president of the USA, Donald Trump, she is all over the news feed. Today, here we will be talking about her personal information and more. Know whether she is married or not. Check out.

Is NBC News' Katy Tur married?

With a cute smile and beautiful face, Katy Tur successfully attracted numerous fans towards her than expected. People are always attracted towards her sweet and simple appearance and her amazing hosting skills.

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This might be the good news for Katy Tur's male fans. She is neither married nor divorced. Actually, Tur has successfully managed to keep all of her personal life far from the media. Even though she is consistently followed and searched, she did not let any of her things get public.

Katy Tur' Ex-boyfriend Keith Olbermann

Katy Tur kept all of her personal information locked in the box, but her relationship with Keith Olbermann made her stay on the hit list. She first dated American TV News Keith Olbermann in June 2006.

Actually, Katy Tur is 25 years younger than her then-boyfriend Olbermann, but the couple proved age is just a number.

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The couple dated for around three years. As per some sources, the couple started living together and said to be loyal to each other since their early dating life. They shared a simple relationship with mutual respect and coordination thus never got on any controversies.

Her relationship with Keith Olbermann turned out to be a significant advantage in her career. Olbermann's pressure and effort made her stable to land her first job at NBC New York in 2009. As per sources, Olbermann always remained supportive in each and every step of her life.

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Though the couple shared a good and strong relationship bond, the couple broke up after dating for around three years in 2009. Olbermann shared her guilt as he was not able to hold their relationship lifelong.

After a year of their breakup, the couple was called for a video interview where they expressed their love and feelings for each other. The couple did not mention the exact reason behind their breakup. They claimed that they separated for a good reason.

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 Is Katy Tur Dating someone?

After breaking up of her strong relationship with her ex-boyfriend Keith Olbermann, everyone scaled their interest to know about her personal life. When we surf around her Twitter account, we found out something claiming her French boyfriend, Benoit. You can check out her tweets here…

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[ CAPTION: Katy Tur ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]
[ CAPTION: Katy Tur ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Ten Facts about Katy Tur

1. Katy Tur was born on October 26, 1983.
2. Katy Tur was born in Los Angeles County, California, United States.
3. Katy Tur holds an American nationality.
4. Katy Tur parents are Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard.
5. Katy Tur was in a relationship with Keith Olbermann.
6. Katy Tur height is 5 ft 8 inches tall. 
7. Katy Tur weighs around 65 kg.
8. Katy Tur birth sign is Scorpio.
9. Katy Tur began her professional journalism career in 2005.
10. Katy Tur' body measurements are 37-26-37 inches.